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FLUOR, (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖………NFT art project:

update /FEB.2022

I have always been a multidisciplinary artist, I got into NFTs lately and the creation of a whole graphic universe is born around it.
It propelled me into unknown and very exciting areas in terms of creativity.
During my life, I have always been a music producer, sculptor and stonemason.

Im a casual art maker who mixes things up
and also a complex multipolar person with (too) many ideas.^^

Right now I’m working on different little things, the manufacture of a large series of spherical art called FLUORB, it’s a concept of a ball-jewel that crystallizes my daily emotions.
It’s a variation of FLUOPTIC and PANOPTIC which are my continuous vj/video works.
I’m also in the final stages of the MEGATRIBE series, which corresponds to the portraits part of the project and which is a tribe, an ‘armada’ of mystical and cyber-fictional characters. they are the expressive and humanistic portrait of our futuristic and primitive visions. Technological Apes of which we would be the missing link.
Those works is in the finalization phase and the launch forecasts on platforms are awaited. I can’t wait to be able to present beautiful collections!
Meanwhile. you can check my IG or on twitter for some insights.
( http://linktr.ee/Freaks.fm )

A first ultimate copy of this series will be launched by MONOGRAMA_nft on SUPERRARE as part of a collective momentum of artists around the protection and defense of the tribes of the Amazon. We have therefore created GUARDIAN tokens which are similar to chess pieces on the world map, and allow the highlighting of the voice of certain minorities.
The AMAZONIA Project, headed by Patrick Amadon, and available in Augmented Reality on SUPERWORLD metaverse, is welcomed by the natives with joy and hope.
See all details here : https://superworld.medium.com/superworld-monograma-give-back-through-blockchain-nfts-9dc2d5759c2b


It recently came to me the idea of ​​setting up the FRACTAGRAM concept which is a kind of cryptoart Russian doll where what is for sale is represented in the form of fractal squares and which brings together several sub-projects such as CRYPTOGRAM which is base of words and where the image is a letter, . With these concepts I play with dimensions and scales of values, whether quantitative or qualitative.
With the MICROGRAM I found it interesting to push the idea to the extreme: present large pieces in microscopic form and without real aesthetic value in order to miniaturize an entire collection and sell it as a whole.
It is above all counter-intuitive for the consumer, and a cumbersome process. But that raises a whole host of questions, such as our position as what we buy.
I transformed the sacralization of the unique piece into an act of industrial purchase. A satyr of the trading system.

A questioning of the format, and a questioning of the position of the observer with his notions of scales and values, are the recurring themes of these collections.
More info to come, because I also use the MICROGRAM as a calendar and runes, to make me take certain decisions IRL. so!
Of course, owners will receive original HD pieces, gifts and privileges in a near future.

Voila, that’s for the news part.

If you want to read more, this is about my psychology and other weird stuff,
you’re welcome:
My encounter with Web3 and all these cryptoart communities has changed my very relationship to things at the time I write these lines, like Satoshi, on a winter evening in 1993.

//I have always gravitated in artistic circles, balanced between contemporary art, underground culture and the electro scene, wandered around Europe for techno parties and festivals.
Today, my artistic endeavors are only a reminiscence of everything that I have been able to assimilate as Culture.
My father and my uncle were painters, and I think he had a certain pictorial influence on me, because sometimes I find the sensations of children when I examine my creations.

FLUOR is the main project, which encapsulates a larger project.
I have always declined my projects under a multitude of fractal identities.
I don’t use generative AI tools but very smart software all the same.(less than me I hope) This is where the human factor becomes important. I often have to change my nickname to escape my own dogmas.

I have the misfortune of not wanting to give up any idea and I have to readjust to what I do based on new knowledge, or last minute finds.

I spend my time remixing ideas like I manipulate images.

The idea of being able to start from scratch in an unlimited way is a form of eternity,
The simultaneity of the world is dizzying.

How to try to corrupt your own cognitive biases, since it is the machine itself that thinks.

I like the vertigo of the mise en abyme, its fractal side has something very biological, natural.
I am fascinated by the notions of scales, especially at the astro-physical level.
When I immerse myself in my work, there is an intrinsic interoperability in the process, which is, I think, the process itself.

I think there has to be a time when we have to rely on our own choice of identity and get out of the format.
and I try to determine what really stimulates me, apart from this search for aesthetic mastery in which I sometimes end up losing myself.

I often understand too late that the goal will have been a series of self-fulfilling / destructive prophecies.

I like to be halfway between the abstract and the obvious.
There is always a delicate balance between what is depicted and what the viewer wants to see.

I like to see time transform things, often they degrade in a slow and immutable way.

What I look for when I create is not this feeling of mastery over things, it is to have this sort of opposite effect on them precisely.I believe this is a path that I take on today, because I understood it and integrated it into my creation process:

For me, a free artist should be able to escape dictates.
Yet it is never easy not to fall into the aesthetic cliché

To understand what we see, we have to understand ourselves, our view of the world depends on it.
But the first question is:
Are we talking about the same thing?

By creating, I offer freedom, that of the time of dreams.
We must consume this time, poetic and inspiring.
It’s a way to have an impact on the world, to respond to it.

The real end goal of this impulse is never well defined.
The primary intention often reveals to me a deeper and more complex motivation which arouses my curiosity, and prompts me to commit myself.
I feel like showing things is not enough.

Out of respect for the idea, I try to always leave it a space for expansion, an amplitude.
Doing things also pushes us to our limits, and they are sometimes hard to come to terms with.

For me, the earth, life, the world, would be a kind of school of spirits in the process of becoming gods who, once mature, might have a few metaverses to build in their turn, it could be a great story. , no ?

One last word, if the function creates the organ,
then what function are we the organ then?
DNA is crypto in essence, so we are crypto art!



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