Anti aging wrinkle creams: odd truth on failed promises

Anti-aging wrinkle creams have been a rage since a few decades. Moment anyone notices a little drop in their beauty. They end up reaching to some or the other such beauty products.

Though I have not used them ever. But few of the people I know have. The secondary information that I have collected from them. That does not seem to show a positive result.

The tall claims that these anti-aging wrinkle creams boast about. The truth is that they do not seem to deliver much on their promises.

How anti aging wrinkle creams work?

Most of the anti aging wrinkle creams contain lipids. Lipids is the technical term for natural oils and waxes. Their topical application hydrates the skin cells.

The popular ingredients in them are retinol and tocopherol. These are the vitamins A and E, respectively. Other ingredients in them include alpha-hydroxy-acids (AHAs). These are known to help prevent tell-tale signs of aging.

They are incorporated in a cream base to deliver results. The base could be of esters or an emulsifying wax.

When such creams come in touch with skin cells, they tend to give a fuller perception. That leads the skin to seem plumped and nourished.

Along with that comes the sheen from the fatty acids of oil base. All this gives the temporary perception of reduced lines and other anti-aging signs.

This makes the users to buy the claims of these anti aging wrinkle creams.

Other reasons why anti aging wrinkle creams fail

There are many contaminants in the food and water that we ingest. Few are natural and many are man-made. Fluoride, Arsenic and Lead are the major culprits.

These contaminants are toxic in nature. They impart a lot many complications to the living bodies.

They also interfere with our vitality. The harmful effects include the feeling of exhaustion. This leads to lack of energy and fatigue. Hence, one feels lack of vigor.

All this has a direct impact on our general well-being.

With years of such compounded contaminant ingestion. One would feel lethargic and worn out all the time.

These all are the symptoms of aging.

They have a major impact on one’s longevity.

They also have an impact on the workings of other factors that work in favor of the body. These include nutrition supplements and over-the-counter cosmetics.

Thus, it is safe to propose that toxic contaminants not only cause premature aging. They also negate the fruitful effects of factors that could prevent aging.

Best anti aging wrinkle reducer

So, in such a scenario what could be the solution? The first step to deal with the anti aging issue is to identify the real cause.

In some cases it could be hereditary. Though in majority of the situations, it could be due to the area where one inhabits.

If the water in your area is heavy in toxic contaminants, then it is quite likely to be the sole cause of premature aging.

One can identify the toxins in the water with a simple test kit. It involves a simple and inexpensive procedure.

In case it confirms to high levels of toxins like Fluoride in water. Then, one needs to change their source of water. One could also install a filter.

It supplies clean potable water by holding back the toxins.

One can see the difference within few months of making the change. The lethargy issues would be less prominent.

Also, the facial skin would show less signs of aging. That means reduction in formation of new fine lines. Less development of brown spots and other discolorations.

In conclusion:

It causes frustration to see the mirror when you tend to look older than you actually are. The situation gets worse when even your favorite wrinkle creams fail to help.

The moisturizers & lotions available may not always give the optimum results. It happens because of the presence of certain toxic elements around us.

These toxins get into our bodies through the food and water that we drink. One can test for their presence. On their confirmed presence in water, one should figure out ways to avoid them.

Their removal from the body will prevent further pre-mature aging. Hence, leading to a healthy and longer life.


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