Decisions on water

Drinking Water, lets face it; is essentially a state subject, without ambiguity, so it has got to be the state’s responsibility to figure out how it will ensure its best delivery of safe drinking water.

all other efforts are supplemental and they are there to sipplement what the states have within their reserves for water quality.

Sure is; But if you look at a state there are dynamics involved when it comes to states fulfilling this responsibility.

As long as the state is being realistic and commits only what is reasonably possible it is fine, but as soon as the state startd making lofty promises and makes a commitment to inaugurate hordes of pipe water supply schemes to tickle its political ambitions, it becomes a whole new ball game .

One where the state is eventually going to struggle to put funds together for what it si easilly has signed in for.

For example a state government might not have the resources to supply water but it neverthless might announce a lavish water supply scheme.

It makes sense therefore for the center to see if other funding can be made available to the State.

You may ask why would it announce anyways, why would it commit anyways if it does? right?

Well the reason to over commit is to capture popularity and be seen as someone who . whether or not the promise is delivered is another story.