A poor man’s disease!

It’s not for nothing that fluorosis is called a poor man’s disease. In rural India; groundwater is what most people would drink, groundwater is also what’s got the most number of geogenic contaminents.

Its a whopping 80 percent people in rural areas who depend on groundwater! Yes you heard it right, 80 percent of us in rural areas depends on groundwater for drinking!

The first thing that comes to one’s mind then is; if groundwater is increasingly showing up these problems, why then, in these areas are people still relying on it? Are these people oblivous to the fact that these problems actually do exist? or is is that there aren’t really any alternatives that they can turn to? or is it both?

Well; mostly it is a combination of both .

Laying pipelines for Water would seem to be the best thing to do and that is what is the priority of the government has been too, but if we look at the infrastructure attached to this, the government has really failed to maintain these pipelines against leakages, against mixing and hasnt quite been able to prevent the water from getting contaminated before it reaches people.

So what is it that is really happening what’s causing this gap?

The problem I suppose lies in non- existence of a community system that can take the onus on itself, of a system that is ready take responsibility of reporting what’s happening on ground to the government.

There also is a issue of bandwith of the water department not consistently being able to keep touch with the ground situation by that adds to the problem.

In a situation like this ground water user commitees could be an excellent opportunity to reach information to the government from places it cannot muster the reach to do so.

On the other hand this can also be understood as the lack of willingness of maybe a water department to reach the same quality of water supply services or monitoring services beyond the villages or locations that are in it’s reasonable or immediate perrifery, the more the circle imcreases, the less the monitoring and reaching out of services takes place. “ Just like the farther away the planet in our solar system, the lesser the reaching out to the farthest!