Knocked knees, Bowed legs, and Unsafe Water

From up the hill, he looked walking in circles. It was amazing to see how a small boy can walk this fast by just twisting and turning.

Rickets. A condition that affects scores of children in India and is caused mainly by Calcium deficiency. But we knew this was not Rickets. It was something worse.

Knocked knees and bowed legs are known to be caused by severe malnutrition of both mother and child right from birth. It is something common in highly malnourished areas.

But, recent findings are shocking — Rickets can be worsened and limbs can get deformed by poor and unsafe water. Especially, high fluoride water can cause a condition called Fluorosis that can make children crippled at a young age.

The good news is that this problem can be corrected at a young age. See this video of a child recovering from Fluorosis by shifting to safer water and better food.

As concerns of malnourishment and child stunting rise across the world, it is time we took notice of the impacts of unsafe water. Acting early can save millions of children from becoming deformed.

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