Know More facts About Stains in Smiles

Know More facts About Stains in Smiles

Streaks are a rage in the hair care segment. From blonde to shades of brown, all are worth a display.

But have you ever thought the same for your teeth ? Did you ever think of flaunting your teeth with streaks?

I am assuming you have never thought of any other color than white for your teeth. Chances are that you’d get conscious of your smile if your teeth were of any other color than white.

By white I mean white and only white. It does not include any shades and ranges of white whatsoever. So, even off-whites and creams are a big NO.

But what if you find your teeth developing stains ? They could be mild lines ranging from pale yellow to orange to deep brown. You can find them on the incisors in most cases. In extreme cases, they could affect your entire dental structure as well.

This condition of corrosion of teeth is Dental Fluorosis. It involves the erosion of the enamel that leads to the discoloration.

Do not rush to your bathroom mirror to check your smile now. Chances are that you will not develop them in an instant. The incidence of an adult developing Dental Fluorosis is quite low. Let this piece of information relax you a bit. But the same cannot be true for your children.

As Dental Fluorosis involves damage to the enamel, it affects children the most. Their enamel does not develop to its optimum till they reach ages of 10–12.

In the absence of a protective coating, the element Fluoride harms the layers of calcium of teeth. This causes a condition called Fluorapatite that causes the stains on teeth.

Dental Fluorosis involves cosmetic damage to the teeth. Although it is not yet considered to be a massive public threat. Except in severe cases, this does not lead to dental caries. Though it does cause a certain level of consciousness to the person affected. That could further lead to a lower self-esteem in many cases.

But one can be in a better luck with a visit to a dentist. With a proper dental hygiene and restoration the situation is reversible. But a recurring occurrence of the same stains indicates a deeper problem.

The problem can be in the form of high concentration of Fluoride in the water supply of a region. If a lot of people of a certain area have discolored teeth, then instances of Fluorosis is obvious.

Dental fluorosis is more likely to be in places where the Fluoride is more than 1.5 mg / L in water. Furthermore, other abnormalities associated with Fluorosis are also more likely to happen. This could include Skeletal Fluorosis.

Because of the water, the agricultural produce of a region also gets affected. The vegetables and fruit grown in the region also show high amount of this element. Hence, one keeps on ingesting higher amounts of Fluoride each day. This leads to building of its concentration in the bodies leading to deeper problems.

The symptoms of which include bowed legs and skewed spinal structure.

One could notice people affected with such conditions in some villages of India. The occurrence of such an instance in towns and cities is less probable with safer surface water and better nutrition being available. You can know more on the harmful affects of Fluoride here.

But for any reason if find your smile with an embarrassing stain, you will need to take some action. Act before it messes up with your social interactions or jeopardizes an upcoming job interview.


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