MSD — Not M S Dhoni

Ever heard of MSD — Mahendra Singh Dhoni — the Indian cricket superstar

MSD is also Musculo skeletal disorder. Unfortunately, millions of Indians are suffering from MSD with the source of problem unknown.

A walk into a district hospital in rural India reveals large number of people with MSD. You meet them and find all sorts of problems — joint pains, arms twisted, legs bent, and wonder what this MSD really is ?

Turns out that much of this MSD is caused by polluted water, and the problem is spreading day by day. More than 60 million Indians are exposed to polluted water that is high in a contaminant called Fluoride which causes a disease called Fluorosis.

One root of the problem is that Fluorosis is not diagnosed. Even by doctors. Then how do people know.

Most such Fluorosis affected people survive on painkillers. And these painkillers maybe kill the pain, but it also kills your organs, especially the liver.

Change can come when MSD is expanded, demystified and the source of the problem is revealed.

Till then, for all of us, MSD will be our cricket champion.

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