One easy recipe to flush out toxins

Let us come to terms with an important fact. Many of the health conscious lots among us think how to flush out toxins.

Such a thought is obvious and much needed. It is in consideration to the fact that the world has become an unfavorable place to live in. All around us there are tremendous amounts of unhealthy activities going about. Be it the pollution, harmful ultraviolet rays or the genetically modified food (GMO).

Even the tap water that we drink is not spared. A slew of chemicals in it cause toxicity. These include Fluoride, Arsenic and Lead to name a dangerous few.

All this leads to buildup of chemical toxins in body. It begins to show up on our bodies.

Most of the people who suffer from toxicity. They tend to feel exhausted. Complain of deficiency diseases. Suffer from pain in joints. Also, they tend to look more mature than their real ages.

In fact, these are the mere signs of mild toxic build-up. In moderate to severe case scenarios, limbs tend to cripple. If the toxin removal from the body is not done. Then the situation could worse to a complete damage to the skeletal system.

How to rid your body of toxins

The process to flush out toxins from the body is critical. It involves a process of detoxification.

The process administers a series of diets that cleanse body of toxins. They are available at your local hospital. A registered dietitian can also help you with the same.

How to cleanse your body of toxins at home

The option of a visit to a doctor is always advisable. But if you are sure of a mild toxicity in you. Or if you have tested your local water to have mild toxicity. Then, in such a situation you can experiment to flush out toxins yourself.

The best thing is that you can save some money. Moreover, the process to flush out toxins in body is super easy.

All you must need is a few fruits and vegetables. And some basic culinary skills.

Cleansing your body toxins with one easy recipe

This is a simple recipe made with ingredients found in plenty in our country. They are also inexpensive. That means one need not make a heavy investment.


1 pod of imli (tamarind)

few sainjan bhaji (drumsticks)

few drumstick leaves

3 tbsp urad dal (split black lentils)

3–4 cups of water

oil, shallots, garlic and ginger for tempering

spices and salt, as per individual preferences

Method of preparation:

1. Give the vegetables, lentils and tamarind a thorough wash in running water.

2. In a pressure cooker, give the dal a boil with 2 cups of water. Switch off the heat after 3–4 whistles.

3. In a separate bowl, boil the tamarind in about 1 cup of water. Remove from the heat when the water turns dark brown in color.

4. Sieve the water from the pulp of tamarind with a strainer.

5. Add the resultant liquid to the boiled dal.

6. Add drumsticks and its greens to the dal as well.

7. Again pressure cook the entire mixture for one whistle.

8. Temper the shallots, ginger and garlic in oil. Add mustard seeds and red chilli.

9. When done add the tempered vegetables to the cooked mixture.

10. Add salt and seasonings as per your choice.

The recipe makes 1–2 bowls of thick liquid. When taken often as a part of daily diet. This broth works as a cleansing diet to remove toxins. The ingredients in it are well balanced.

They not only flush toxins from body. But also help to replenish vital nutrients. Since, because of the presence of Fluoride, Lead and other toxins. The interference with the assimilation of nutrients happens.


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Header Image Courtesy: Pixabay