Premature ageing because of Water

Progeria is a rare genetic disease that accelerates ageing. For this who have seen the Bollywood film Paa starring Amitabh Bachchan, the condition would be familiar.

But lesser known than this and much more common is an Ageing process that is caused by the water we drink.

Yes, water we drink can accelerate ageing process making young men and woman look older. In fact, many villages in India are called ‘the village of old people’ just from the look of people staying there.

The root of the problem is high Fluoride in water that people drink. Unknowingly, people consume such water that causes a disease called Fluorosis. One of the impacts of Fluorosis is accelaration of ageing process.

Fluorosis also causes problems with bones and results in a condition called skeletal fluorosis. The unnerving part is that these conditions are not reversible. The only way is to shift to safe water sources.

The number of such people who are suffering from early ageing is rising, and the reason is that more such water is getting contaminated. If we need to stop it, a whole look at how our environment is getting degraded must begin.

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