The Doctor dint tell me the reason for my Arthritis

Did Joint pains ever trouble you from having a normal life? If so, you are not alone.

It is estimated that over 11 million Indians have some sort of Arthritic conditions. This is an underestimate considering the fact that no systematic survey has been done nationwide.

When you go to the doctor with joint pains in the knees, or shoulder, the standard prescription would be painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and in acute cases cortisteroid injections.

However, did the doctor dwell a bit on how you got the disease?

It seems that a lot of such “arthritis” is mis-diagnosed, and is probably curable with just a simple measure — change of your water source.

A recent talk by Dr A K Susheela to AIIMS, New Delhi, was on how Arthritis in India might be related to high Fluoride in water and food. Dr Susheela points out that fluoride entering the body causes a disease called Fluorosis that might be mimicking Arthritic symptoms.

In fact, if left unattended, Fluorosis can become much more severe causing skeletal problems known as Skeletal fluorosis and bone deformities.

The painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs treat the problem surficially. Since they do not go to the root cause, the problem persists and in numerous cases, it worsens.

So, if your doctor says your have Arthritic symptoms, please check your water for high fluoride. Maybe the solution is much simpler.

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