What goes on in the mind of a Fluorosis affected?

What goes on in the mind of a fluorosis affected when he’s going through seeing his bones deteriorate?

From the numerous visits to the field we’ve made; it looks like many of the affected are shockingly oblivious to what’s happening to them, and feel that its just another thing.

Older people feel that it’s their age that’s catching up on them, others feel that it’s maybe a certain curse that has befallen upon them, which they can’t do anything about. Some have more or less accepted that this is how they’ll be from now on after seeing so many others this way.

Many; surprisingly do never find out till it gets really bad for them.

It’s a dangerous predicament that almost none of these people realize what devastation the disease can bring in it’s trail.

In a normal situation, People would generally look up to doctors to tell them what’s right and wrong and if a doctor is able to explain to them what they should do, chances are they’d very much listen.

It’s human psychology this and it works on you and me as much as it would work on a Fluorosis affected individual’s mind in a village. We all listen to Doctors!

Sadly though; doctors and health care workers in these affected areas would themselves not know much about detecting Fluorosis if a patient were to come to them, as this hasn’t been part of what the’ve studied.

Having well informed and educated doctors therefore who know about Fluorosis becomes so important and can go such a long way in preventing lives from going awry.

So let’s all put all our might behind this and advocate for the inclusion of Fluorosis as a topic that can be widely read in Medical Curriculums all over the country.