Why were those animals limping?

An Indian and British doctor saw some limping cattle in Prakasam area in southern India in 1930s. Their conclusion was startling. Not just cattle, but also human beings staying in that area were suffering from bone problems.

And the problem happened to be water.

Back in 1930s, Shortt, Pandit and Raghavachari stumbled upon a problem that was to become much larger decades later. Their diagnosis was that Prakasam has water which is high in fluoride that was causing these bone problems in water and people.

Even today, the problem remains. Parts of Prakasam have fluoride levels as high as 18 mg/l, much larger than the acceptable level of 1 mg/l. And the problem is across 243 districts of India.

But the attention has gone away from cattle to human beings. There is much attention today on how this affects people, and how they can escape from it by safer water and better food.

But what about cattle and other animals from whom we learnt about it in the first place ?

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