7 great secret feature coming up with the upcoming iOS 10.3

Apple was still perplexed with past iPhone troubles i.e. approximately 25% bugs which really made the iOS 10.2 really worse. Apple has already released iOS 10.3 beta 1 that is considered to be the first release version of the company’s next iOS version. There are some great secret features buried inside the setting of iOS 10.3 which enable Verizon customers to make wi-fi calls and the best part is that it does not look for any iPhone. It can be simply navigated even on the other device and toggle it which enables devices to toggle even individually. It develops parity not only with Sprint and T-Mobile but with iPhone owners on AT&T.

Considering Apple’s iOS 10 and 10.1 updates for the latest iPhone and iPad that has successfully lived upto milestone software version where the major changes always pops up on the screen regularly. So, from the feature of compatibility to the portion of interface, it has made us thrilled enough to see the incredible features:

Upgraded wifi calling

iOS 10.3 brings an upgraded version of Wi-Fi calling which enables the iPhone users to make as well as receive Wi-Fi calls covering entire iCloud- connected devices irrespective of iPad, Apple Watch, iPod touch or Mac. But what is the point of difference between Verizon customers that had before and what they will possess with iOS 10.3 is Wi-Fi calling. These devices are capable to work enough even if your iPhone is running on a different Wi-Fi network. It even works even if the device is switched off. So the amazing part is that it no longer requires to be routed via iPhone as before.

Powering up with APFS

Apple was announced last year at WWDC that it would start with a new and modern file system in the year 2017.The main strategy behind Dubbed APFS is designed to improve the support of solid-storage and encryption as well as to safeguard the data integrity. Hence when released, it finally replaced HFS+ Safeguard, i.e. two-decades of tracking features since 1998. Now that it is all set to support multiple levels of file system encryption which does not require encryption, Multi key encryption, Metadata encryption, per-file encryption as well as Per-Extent Encryption.

Floating Keyboard

Although buried within the code for the mobile operating system and one mainly for iPad users. Basically discovered by Steven Troughton –Smith, iOS 10.3 is possessing the code meant to be supporting iPads running on 9.7inch display. Although the concept is quite new in iOS 10.3, this is a one-handed floating iPad (9.7 or less) keyboard layout. Since iPhone-sized keyboard can easily be dragged around Picture in Picture Video windows, hence leading Mobile Application development companies are working to develop apps that synced to mimic floating Keyboard.

Fragmented iCloud storage step

iOS 10.3 is the third major update as far as iOS 10 operating system is concerned. There adds up profile option in the setting apps, iCloud usage is broken down very clearly. It would rather explain iCloud storage space which would judge the space required for photos and even iCloud backups and even it shows which apps are using iCloud.

Accessing third-party to use Siri

As far as SiriKit is concerned which was although introduced in iOS 10 . That option would be even smarter and more useful in 10.3 and enable third-party apps to be easily accessed Siri. With this characteristic of in-built virtual assistant Siri can even pay bill, schedule future rides like Ola, Uber and from other travel services. It can be used to check the status etc.


Although Apple has added a small but although a very useful tweak to CarPlay in iOS 10.3 which would enhance the driver smart, quicker and safer way to switch between apps without any requirement to take off the road for a longer period of time. Before this version, users had to tap twice to another app as far as CarPlay is concerned. So, in this version of Apple, it has streamlined this process. This feature enables users to see recently used apps, so it’s just a click away and can be jumped directly into Music, Messages, Maps and covers CarPay’s other apps. Prior to this version, CarPlay dock had just one app in a same time at one go.

Find My Airpods

Find My AirPod features that enable to find the missing cord-free Apple earbuds. The feature is basically lives inside Apple’s Find my iPhone app which allows the users to locate iOS devices missing on a Map via iCloud and a standalone iOS app.

The Wrap-up

There are Leading mobile app development company across the world working hard so as to create the intrigue mobile apps. After the initiation of this iOS 10.3, this would definitely have a trickle-down effect as far as more innovation is concerned. These sprung-up new possibilities to unlock the device functionalities in order to build the most revolutionised app.

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