Are messenger bots powerful enough to dominate mobile app development?

Mobile apps are invading the market ever since Apple has proved its existence in 2008. The journey has started from then, where more than 100 billion apps are available to download by Apple Store itself. Apps acted like water since they can be easily accommodated from smartphones to watches, laptops as well as TVs. They have really turned out to be the primary interface which can be interacted with the help of our smart devices. App usage is going to plateau as per Gartner published its report in March 2015. Although it does not intend that apps are turning out to be obsolete but as far as the explosive growth is concerned, it is no longer extended.

While targeting the chatbots, it has gained popularity at a global level as per the survey by LivePerson, which has incorporated more than 5000 consumers from six months. Analogous with mobile app development, chatbots are considered to be the versatile way in order to reach the customer base. With more than 75% of all smartphone users are dedicated somewhat like messaging apps like Facebook Messanger, WhatsApp, WeChat etc. As per Business Insider only 11%of those surveyed globally had a negative perception with 51% had neutral stances. Although perceptions differ from country to country basis, but the overall positive perception overweighed the negative perception. For instance France found out to be the most receptive whereas US and Japan had found out to be least receptive.

Unified Interface

As far UI elements are concerned, mobile apps as well as websites are considered to be the collection of information. All this can be put into a box in a single messaging app where all the services are catered by the chatbots. While conversation is considered as the fundamental form of conversation, chatbots are efficient enough to replace the mobile apps and performance over various tasks.

What makes it top to the point is the merging of various services like buying movie tickets, or booking a flight ticket can be accomplished over a single messaging app which is although much convenient rather than downloading multiple apps and occupying precious storage.

What other benefits are provided by chatbots?

I hope you will still be remembering the early days of Siri which had transformed working day in the office into a mere fun game testing with the advent of the new possibilities of AI. Hopefully early adopters might be knowing how the chatbots can be distinguishable from mobile app development.

Chatbots are quite convenient to use rather than any other technology

Although you might be knowing that initially Chatbots came into the picture with customer service purpose. Within the survey, 67% of the chatbots were used for customer support in the past year. It used for basically for productivity purposes such as scheduling. Although it does not may any sense to repeat over again and again. Each and every websites as well as mobile apps are designed keeping in mind the visual interfaces like buttons, images, texts etc. But the time consuming part is that you have to learn new visual interfaces the moment you are looking for your favourite product. Imagine a scenario where you have planned for a trip, hence you are more likely go to all the travel websites in order to search for the relevant hotels as well as restaurants. But instead Chatbots are trained enough who does each and every task on your behalf. It just looks to message you and your preferences and chatbots is going to show the results accordingly. Since the second option is simpler, hence people are more likely to choose chatbots.

So what really differentiate the chatbots from websites and mobile apps is the language an interface which is although most natural interface that human can easily understand which is enabled by chatbots to use naturally and understandable used language.

First adopters can bring out massive changes

Currently bots are basically trying to fetch the existing use cases on to the new interface, analogously a new reality that can successfully derive from there with a new innovation. Hence the deal is sooner you will be abreast, the better will be able to cope up the changes as far as the professional circle is concerned, and the more impact is created round the circles as far as adoption of new technologies are concerned.

Lower acquisition cost

Since chatbots are the earliest stage to show the miracle hence it looks for adoption of masses and expected to bring exponential growth to the masses. Although within its nascent period, people have already started their private conversations with the adoption pretty much insane. It just looks for a few taps and interaction is started immediately, which is quite impactful for low acquisition cost.

What steps can be taken to ensure your million dollar idea not vulnerable to chatbots?

Although this threat should be not be considered as the dropping mobile app development ideas. Infact there are various steps which can still be leveraged in order to ensure that the mobile application remains valuable to customers

  • Insufficient content:

This is really a point where mobile app development companies can take the leverage, since the chat bots are considered to be query-based. Hence they are more likely to response the specific prompts in order to end the conversation and transactions to be more functional. Like thee mobile apps can give the advantage of valuable as well as unexpected content which is still cannot be provided by chatbots.

  • Try to mould your app with query system

Since the society is turning into query-based with the rise of chatbots. For instance when we have a question we simply type to Google or Siri. Even we don’t allow through simple search function which is although having a similar capabilities. Hence, in the long run, it can prove to be detrimental.

  • Prioritise Visuals

According to a study, it has been identified that the visual content is more likely to increase the probability of audience recall by 600 percent. Since chatbots are considered to be the text-based, so prioritising the visuals is considered to be the significant role in order to stay intact where chatbots are still text based.

Although chatbots have invaded the latest technologies, but really it is high-time for the mobile app development technologies to mould their apps according to the requirements of their users in order to ensure long-run survival.