Do not end your geo-location based mobile app futile-Things to consider

Lyft, a ride-sharing competitor which had simultaneously received high marks with Uber from the digital-privacy advocacy organisation Electronic Frontier Foundation for the way it has effectively handled the user data. Although it has been approximately 3 decades when the businesses had started moving from the sales brochure to web domains. As the time passed on, business had transformed into social and turned more collaborative in order to leverage the technology as well the successful integration of the market.

It has turned almighty where you will be sent the push notifications in the moment when you will be passed by the grocery shop. As far as the trend of geo-location app is concerned, it has densely invulnerable in the ecosystem of mobile app development. It made the ideas of even startups vivid after establishing the business which could have not survived without the advent of geo-location services. On the other hand, it has enabled to incorporate the geo-location with the mobile app that has brought the treatment of clients in an innovative manner as far as active goods and services are concerned with the path-breaking marketing strategies. Now the workflow of interacting with the consumers can be expected. For instance taxi-booking apps are completely based on this technology and has completely created the niche as far as location-based services are concerned.

How the geo-location app operates?

It is quite essential to be aware of the geo-location app operates. With employing of Geo Tag or PS location of smartphone, a great location based development solution of any industry can be built. Location based advertisement system, tracking system, Livestock tracking, Weather Alert system, and livestock tracking where location acts like a gold mine for the sake of data analysis. With the help of utilising location data where tracking behaviour of any vehicle can be reviewed apart from places, person, animals etc. By utilising location data with web services, it ends up real time services in their neck of woods on the basis of location based app development.

Maps and navigation

This is the first thing that comes to the mind while creating geo-location app development. This is a service that help to navigate the terrain which include Google Maps, Waze which comprehends with the variety of compasses, astronomy as well as schedules of urban transport.

Use cases of Geo-fencing

There are innumerable used cases employing mobile application as well as Geo-location using location based app development.

  • Land/Farm Monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Tracking stray cattle
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Rental Vehicle Movement
  • Municipal Bus System

Real time tracking with the help of Geo-location App Development

When consumer interaction is quite essential where location based development plays quite a significant role while bringing the customers to the client’s doorstep by utilising the location data. In case you are eager to know the example of geo-location app, then e-commerce comes into the picture where it suggests nearby coupons or services in order to use the location data. For instance a user in an unknown city open a movie booking app which enables you to show the multiplex is vicinity with the guidance of app. While leaving, it enables to share the experience by the check-in feature of the app.

Technology to be required to build an app with geo-location


As far as the modern smartphones are concerned, then these are equipped with Global Positioning System Chip inside. It brings into the use all the information related to location as well as timing that satellites are more likely sent from the space. But smartphones really need atleast four satellites in order to determine the location with approximately 60 percent accuracy.

Cell ID

For instance the GPS signal is unavailable, then cell towers come into the picture where information can be received from the cell towers where the mobile network help to ascertain which cell uses the customer and ends up the comparison with the base-station database. This procedure accommodates well in the major cities with a huge amount of cells.

Assisted GPS

This procedure is considered to be more precise than GPS since this approach combines both GPS and Cell ID tools.


Although the Wi-Fi ascertains the position of the user in the similar way the Cell ID does, but it ends up doing more precisely as it known to cover the smaller areas.

Security factors

Although there are innumerable social media app that demonstrates the current location of the user considering every connections. For example Facebook which enables to see all connections that are in vicinity to the location. But the thing which is quite essential to consider the fact that every user will not opt to share the current location even with all the connections.

The factors that are discussed above proved the significance of geo-location app and also essential factors that are quite significant to keep in mind while developing a geo-location enabled mobile app. To modulate in this impulsive competition, and in order to give the users a seamless experience then the geo-location must be integrated in order to keep up the trend.