How to enhance app reviews to increase mobile app downloads

Considering the release of iOS 10.3 as well as macOS 10.12.4 where App made a significant change related to operation of App Store. Atleast developers are now exposed to the user reviews in order to ask follow-up question, offering support interacting with app’s customers and at the end of the story say thanks to the customers’. This characteristics has successfully alleviated the headache, especially for Apple’s developing community over the years as per Techcruch.

Now that you have created the coolest app you are just focusing to get it released and looking to millions of downloads. While in reality apart from getting a lot of downloads, good reviews are analogously important. Although developing a great app in the contemporary world where we have thousands of apps is not sufficient anymore. Here marketing comes into the picture in order to realise an app.

App Store Optimisation

The way SEO works, ASO is something analogous to the concept except it does not take place on search engine, instead the App store come into the picture. It looks for little bit navigation and try to figure out considering the most popular keywords to accommodate the app and name it in order to make the user familiar as far as concept is concerned in order to make it quite compelling to download it.

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ASO is the process of optimising mobile apps to optimise mobile apps higher as far as app store results’ are concerned. It will result more visible to the potential customers, with higher the rank app has secured in the app’s store search results. Hence apart from using keywords which are used in order to identify apps similar to yours. Hence it will end to a better understanding of the app considering the language of potential customers are concerned. Ratings and reviews are regarded to be the secondary factors while considering the mechanics of ASO.

App on Sale

In this generation of consumers where sale is always prioritised, hence discount will always help in order to get maximum downloads. Hence, it must be placed in such a way that discount is visible which depends on the goal as far as your budget is concerned. It can be on the basis of week or a month, a deal must be offered the moment app is hit on the App Store.

Run a contest

Although this is considered to be another great way to increase app reviews irrespective to any forums. In case you are versed with Touch Arcade, where different sections have been distinguished on the basis of forums where app developers do run a contest or somehow it allures the other members in order to leave reviews as far as your app is concerned.

But running a contest looks for some amazing prizes in order to run a contest where iTunes gift card can be given or even PayPal the winner. To be entirely transparent, it is equally important who the ultimate contestants are and the way winners will be selected. There are various ways which are supportive enough to show that you are not biased and validate the reviews with a proper management in order to demonstrate the correct rates and reviews.

App Review plugin

In case you are looking for the quickest as well as easiest way in order to get an app review then ask them to do within your concerned app. Although there are innumerable turn-key plugins available for Android as well as iOS to end the app in the most simplified manner so that the user can be prompted to review the app.

Analogously, if you are concerned with iOS plugins, then Appirator is considered to be the most popular one that takes merely 2 minutes to drop the app, which will be further asked by the users not only to review the app in a certain period of time followed by a set time period.

Leverage help-shift for direct support the users

Although marketing is considered to be the chief in order to acquire new customers and to interact even with the existing customers with the help of cost-effective customer support which is although quite essential. Hence this is considered to be the best route as far as exceptional customer service is concerned. Although it is quite generalised to include “send feedback” that pops up with an email form. But in the era of two-way instant messaging window, Helpshift can be integrated with the app in order to directly communicate with the users.

It lets you to access with the web-based dashboard which enables communicating directly inside the app by exchanging with the one-to-one messages. Hence next the users can be helped by going beyond the pre-populated mail form to end up providing the most innovative customer support experience as far as Help shift is concerned. Hence reviews are considered to be the next process and the link can be sent which is although free of cost and can be integrated with ease.

Mobile app development is although considered to be an elongated process but what would happen if the app is over-looked somehow. Hence these are some of the processes which are quite supportive enough to enhance the app downloads and also ensure long run survival.