Samsung’s Artificially Intelligent Bot Bixby rings the warning bell for SIRI

Mobile app development companies are contending each other to strike while technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are selling like hot cakes drawing more key players into the competition.

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Samsung’s Bixby is now out in the market to give the android users a taste of an artificially intelligent and multitasking virtual assistant, BOT and paving the way for Custom Android application development service providers an entirely new venue to explore and make money.

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Now, Samsung has joined the other key players and Bixby is the answer to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and other such virtual assistants. After suffering a few setbacks in the initial stage of its launch, dismaying users with the company’s failure to ship Bot with Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the month of March, a limited preview version of the Bot rolled out in June. Following the success of the preview version, the full version went live for few lucky US-based users in the month of July. The multitasking Bot is capable of lending a helping hand to the users in navigating their device, make calls, assign tasks and a lot more by voice command recognized aptly by Bixby. Samsung has already hinted in releasing the technology soon to third-party to obtain custom android app development support.

Samsung is currently devising ambitious plans with its Bot Bixby.

· It is highly likely to emerge as a multilingual virtual assistant to emerge into a globalized service.

· Facilitate seamless connections across more devices.

· AI Bot Bixby will be bestowed with a learning power and intellect to indulge in increased personalized interactions.

· Adding a button specifically designated to Bixby in the S8 device and

· Permit other android app development companies to embrace its functionality into their apps to enable full control over them by Bixby.

Moreover, inside report suggests Samsung’s plan to take Bixby beyond the mobile technology genre by investing into Bixby empowered speaker. And there are likely to be more untouched possibilities into which the Korean company can infiltrate to make Bixby an all-powerful virtual assistant capable of stealing the show from its competitors.

Despite such potentialities, Samsung, presently, has not made it clear when such a service will be available in other Samsung devices even though the company did drop a few hints here and there that few other devices are likely to enjoy the service of the virtual assistant. But which are the lucky devices and when they are going to enjoy the assistance of Bixby has not been clarified as of now.

However, Injong Rhee, executive VP and head of R&D, software and services for Samsung’s mobile business, sounded quite positive on commenting about this new found made by his company in stating that, “The expansion of Bixby’s voice capabilities is an initial step in the continued rollout of Bixby functionality.”

So long, the Samsung users and Android app developers wait with fingers crossed while the lucky users enjoy the fruit of such a find.

Wrapping Up

The latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT are triggering more interest among developers especially the iOS app development companies. Apple, who has always nurtured innovation, found an entirely new area to manipulate and renovate molding it into a hi-tech gadget for an elite class. Moreover, it has expressed interest in designing smart vehicles since the turn-of-events is compelling enough to pull in more key players.

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Apple and Amazon so long have boasted of pioneering artificially intelligent Virtual assistants but Samsung’s strategic move with Bixby has just traced out the route for future Android mobile application developers to follow its steps in coming up with such applications for Android users.

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