Some remarkable difference between iOS and android while mobile app development

It is true upto certain extent that Microsoft hadn’t great time with the mobile, although this is a separate debate whether or not Windows Phone is finally croaked down, although Microsoft is certainly ready to move on. In the previous years, it must have missed the mobile boat, Microsoft is now trying to go stealthily onto Android as well as iOS just like a furtive submarine.

Right now we are living in times when no one envisage the life without gadgets where WhatApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. are really becoming a part of the lifestyle. A market witnesses with hundreds or even thousands of emergence of new applications where iOS as well as Android are the two operating systems around the globe. Although these users can be categorised into fans and haters but the part which is quite indispensable to find the difference between Android and iOS mobile application development.

Revolves around Coding

Starting from the scratch, programming language is considered to be used for an app creation. Although you must be aware about Java and Objective-C. These are some of the languages that are used now a days in order to create applications that you are most likely to see on the device. Although Java is associated with the Android programming whereas Objective-C is something associated with iOS application. Few years back Objective –C was considered to be old as well as punishing whereas Java was considered to be convenient enough to study. As far as Objective-C is concerned, a developer has to write nearly twice in order to get the same results. Some top notch iOS app developers are considering it to be a cleaner language.

Although a new language has been emerged while creating iOS apps and this has really become an open source which is known to be Swift. This language has reached to the par considering the ease over learning as well as deployment.

Difference lies about integrated development environment

In case if you have not heard about Integrated development environment then you must have heard about visual basic, Delphi, Microsoft Visual Studio etc. Yes, you are correct, these are all categorised under IDEs, a place where a mobile app developer can easily apply language knowledge as well as start creating. There are although two development tools as suggested by Apple and Google nowadays. Currently Xcode as well as Android Studio, whereas initially Eclipse IDE was more likely be using as an Android Development Toolkit, but keeping in mind with the point of convenience replaced it with Studio.

In contrast to Apple, it decided to stay old-fashioned and continued to release the latest version instead. The company is dedicating its efforts to update Swift which has although reflected positive impact on coding process.

Market Place

As far as multiple platforms are concerned, multiple market places can be identified within and can be dealt according to the guidelines set forth authoritatively by each particular market administrator. Currently Google Play Store is considered to be the largest app market where Android i.e. Google Operating system are sold officially. It encompasses with the larger portion of the market share leading for the popular search engine. With another popular platform which is ensuring tremendous competition has ensured a touch competition over Google’s way. This Apple iOS is although quite distinct from Android on the number of criteria like guaranteed security while comparing with the Android handset evidencing its tighter policy, concerning over software alteration. While there are various mobile platforms that are available but more generally Google Android and Apple iOS are recognised as the market leaders.

App design

As far as app designs are concerned, then there are some obvious difference between Android and iOS app development, which I have enlisted on the basis of which it is differentiated:

General Style

Initially Apple applied the concept of style where buttons, icons etc. were somehow looked similar to real but now the company is favouring plain as well as minimalistic design which is something contrasting to Google. With the advent of new conception known as Material Design, they aim delicacy as well as naturalness. Hence prioritisation over the guidelines of both the approaches must be given.

Title: In case of title as far Android application development is concerned, then it is more likely to be placed on the left of the screen whereas iOS app’s title is placed at the centre.

Navigation: Although this is considered to be the biggest point of concern between Android as well as iOS. Likewise Android uses drawer menu for the navigation pattern whereas tab bar is more likely be used by iOS pattern. Then considering the navigation over Android which is although quite obstructive since it appears like a lot of space on the display feels like a paper sheet.

Operating system

Yes, it is true upto certain extent that Google has although switched over to the environment which is although considered to be more efficient. Even though Android Studio is considered to be the least mature in the mobile app development as far as IDEs are concerned. Reckoning to the Strategy Analytics which has further elucidated the fact that Android Studio is still lacking in the five areas:

  • Platform
  • Language
  • Testing
  • Gaming
  • Editing

Concerning over android application development, it runs on Mac, Windows as well as Linux whereas Mac OS is considered to be the more expensive as compared to Windows. Hence with regards to Xcode which is still far ahead to Android Studio.


Although the difference which I have revealed is somewhat fundamental difference iOS and Android app development. While getting into your hand in the mobile app development, you will be able to find more differences. Although both the platforms are looking for something cool and well designed with useful applications in order to satisfy the ultimate expectation. Fluper is a top notch mobile app development company possesses expertise to create the most path-breaking iOS as well as Android app development. In case you are looking for any, please feel free to contact us.