Top 12 Must-have Mobile Applications for your Android Phone

Do you often ponder which mobile application is best suited to your need?

Today, almost all of us, with an exception of a few, spend half of their time surfing the internet or browsing through the Smart Phone Play store in search of interesting applications.

There is a huge list of apps available on the Android Play store.

How will you decide which one to download on your phone???

This article provides with the list of top 12 Mobile Apps that you must have on your smart phone.

Top 12 Mobile Applications:

  • Antivirus-

This particular application protects your Smart Phone from any harmful apps or software and it functions quite similar to those of Laptop or desktop antivirus software. There is quite a big list of antivirus apps available in the store. Avasti Antivirus can be the best option for your phone.

  • Microsoft Office-

You can use Word, Excel or PowerPoint right on your smart phone with the help of Microsoft Office application.

  • Android Device Manager-

This particular mobile application is not frequently used but can prove to be an effective one in case you happen to loose your mobile phone. You can immediately rest your phone password or delete important files or docs, if you have this particular app installed. Moreover, this app can help you to track your device in case it is stolen.

  • Google Drive-

It is kind of a cloud storage device that not only allows you to securely store your important files, documents or pictures on the drive but you can have an offline view of the same. Also you can write or edit files similar to Desktop Microsoft Office. There is no need for you to junk your device with extra files or documents. You simply upload on the drive for future accessibility.

  • LastPass-

This particular application not only stores the important passwords for your different accounts or applications but also create complex or reset password if required. Moreover, this app securely stores all your confidential information on your phone enabling you to fill out any forms or application without having to refer back to your physical documents.

  • FlipBoard-

It collects various news sources and topics into a single place termed as ‘magazine’ where you can easily and quickly catch up on the latest updates on the current happenings.

  • Nord VPN-

Mobile anti virus is not often helpful in ridding your device from harmful and dangerous malware. Accessing any public WiFi network can place your device at risk of loosing out confidential information to nefarious individuals. It is a virtual private network that protects your system and also hide IP address from advertisers and accessing region-locked content.

  • Net Flix-

You can stream all your favorite TV shows and movies from it’s vast library directly on your phone and can also download them for offline viewing.

  • Weather Timeline-

This app not only feed the current weather condition on your timeline, but it also has data and graphs for predicting precipitation, humidity, wind and many more. It also predicts weather for the most distant future based on past records.

  • Pics Art Photo Studio-

This particular photo editing application has a wide set of tools and devices that enables you to edit the image and upload on Instagram.

  • GrubHub-

If you are a food lover, this application is the perfect one for you. It provides you with a list of restaurants near your locality or in the city you are stationed and offers an instant takeout option cause it will deliver the food for you. You just have to make a search for your choicest cuisine and place the order.

  • CamScanner-

You can easily scan documents when you are on the move. It is simple to use and helpful no doubt. The app also allows you to sync your scanned documents across multiple devices, so you can keep everything up to date.

Few applications such as Google Translate, Google Fit, Mint, Pocket, Evernote etc needs worth mentioning here as well. The list is huge. Which one is for you?

Summing Up:

Mobile Applications eat up a lot Phone space. So try to get those particular applications installed that will eventually prove beneficial to you in the long run. So rid your phone of the junks and free some space which you can utilize in a productive way with the list of best mobile apps.