Which is More Appealing: Android Tablet or iOS iPad?

Lately Nokia’s new 18.4 inch tablet with Android 7.0 Nougat, Snapdragon835 SoC. It has spotted by on various standardised website. It will come up exceptional processor which can give tough competition to the iPad. Although Apple has not treated with the same inflammation as the iPhone for a while. But with a great astonishment Apple is expected to introduce a version of 9.7 inch at a lower price. Although on the same spot iPad Air 2 has occupied at this moment but it was introduced at the end of 2014, although with expected up-gradation. This fierce competition has dragged into the situation of cut someone’s throat.

There are various iOS iPad apps. For instance Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, PBS video, Fandango, iTunes Movie Trailors, BuzzFeed etc. Similarly android tablets apps have modulated its steps by introducing Netflix, IMDb, Hulu Plus, VLC, Kindle etc.

But it has been observed that Google apps are more accommodated on iOS rather than android, and hence justified the vision that Few incredible features of iOS which can make android app users envious.

High resolution Retina display

The advantage of using iPad is further intensified by the advent of android Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Last year it come up with new Apple tablet with a display of 12.9-inch which is approximate to the 13-inch MacBook Air with ultraportable. To retain faith of the small screen users’ iPad pro introduced the smaller size of 9.7-inch screen.

There are various iOS iPad development companies that have come up with amazing apps which justifies its feature of high resolution. For instance Apple iMovie which lets the users to create trailers, save videos with 4K resolution which shows quite reasonable to accommodate.

It enhances to shine in the domain of games which get the user into the realm of imagination.

iOS 9

iOS which unveiled by Apple which is considered to be the most advanced, intuitive, and secured version of mobile operating system. It enhances the feature of spit screen multitasking. There are various apps which accommodates this feature of split view for instance third party apps such as twitter also give additional support. This new feature is also supported by the iPad Air 2 with other new models like iPad Pro and Mini 4.

With this latest version of Twitter 6.36.1 is now exposed to few of the micro-blogging websites with other apps such as Mail and Safari. Even various iOS iPad Development companies are trying hard to get the apps absorbed with this latest feature.

Controlled operating system and hardware

Although there has been a significant update ever since iPad Air 2 came into the existence which considered to be outstanding for most of the people. Lately two more models of iPads are launched i.e. iPad Pro model and iPad Mini came into the market but could not prove as effective as Air2. There are few features which have successfully made it different as unrivalled selection of iPad mobile applications, long battery life and appreciable customer care. As far as operating system is concerned, the latest version of iPad operating system software fixed up many bugs which were under complaints of former version. These features of Apples’s operating system put it closer to the Android’s feature of customisation and flexibility.


Although both the platforms have good voice recognition engine that enables to answer simple questions with performance of basic task. It keeps ahead of Android’s voice recognition. It is tied with calendar, events, and reminders, contacts and even Twitter and Facebook which intensifies the users’ experience. It enables the same experience as you are talking with your friend Even Siri can be asked to show to flip a coin or show the orion constellation. It works hand-free and tune it into the rest of the world. Just by using more and more, you can realise how incredible is it.

iBeacon and AirDrop

Although Android is served with a vast array of services and the option of customisation. No android apps can bring the same delight deployed by iBeacon and AirDrop. Over the last few years, Apple has been releasing of OS technologies which are connected to other devices via Blurtooth, wifi or technology with the combination of two wireless. For instance the latest of iBeacon and AirDrop present in iOS 8 and even in OS X Yosemite in order to deploy efficient but simple fast wireless connectivity. The release of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy which iss expected to be incorporated with Wibree which is known to be the original rival of Bluetooth which can successfully engineer low power consumption with implemented at cheap.

Similarly AirDrop have come up with the combination of wi-fi and Bluetooth leveraging the high speed.

Hence Android also support wi-fi but users frequently report problems.


Although this is not manifested that Android Tablet development companies is not working hard or bring ground-breaking idea but it has to establish itself after key challenges faced by the Android App developer .With reference to the point aforesaid , it seems that iOS is ahead of android in case of tablet too.

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