Zombie Apps Beware!!! You are Soon to get Evicted from the App Stores

I believe most of you have observed this fact that whenever you go searching for any particular mobile application, you get thousands of options to choose from and most of the apps features such attributes that fail to comply with your search query. The App stores, either for Google or Apple, are simply getting flooded with many such irrelevant and unproductive mobile applications. Such applications are collectively called ‘Zombie mobile applications’.

A very recent report states that more than 1000 such zombie apps are currently occupying the Google Playstore.

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This is still understandable since Google has always shown leniency towards app developers. On the other hand, Apple has followed quite a strict policy towards any new application. Yet the App master is facing similar issue as well. A report by Adjust shows that nearly 90% of apps found on the Apple Playstore are undead.

Pretty alarming eh!!

But what do you mean by Zombie mobile apps???

The term ‘App Zombies’, first came into existence way back in the year of 2012. All those smartphone applications fail to rank in the top list of the app stores and remain inactive most of the time falls under this category. They simply overpopulate the app stores without actually dying out.

Both the popular app stores have over millions of applications, which makes a particular application to gain apt visibility in the competitive market and hence it is also not so easy for the users as well to seek out their fitting application from the ocean of alternatives. Most apps do manage to get a few installs in the initial years of their launch. But with so many others similar options available, that zombification seeps in pretty quickly.

Now the questions arises here-

Are the zombie applications dangerous or harmful???

Smartphone users need to observe cautionary measures to safeguard their personal device and their confidential data. Hence it is imperative for you to build up your own knowledge base so that you do not get victimised that easily.

To answer the above question, the reply is YES!!!

At times they can cause serious damage to your phone. Allow me to shed light into the matter.

In appearance, Zombie applications seem harmless. They can range from a game app to a utility app such as flashlight. But once you install such an application, they continuously run in the background and consume your mobile data, feed into your battery power and run unnecessary advertisements in the background and register over thousands ad requests to ad networks working with household brands. Such fraudulent activities cost consumers and advertisers alike. Big brands are robbed of $ 2 million to $ 10 million dollars on a daily basis.

At times, they can invite malware into your devices to rob you of your crucial financial data stored in the device.

Preventive measures taken to deal with the rising issue of undead apps:

Apple has always been strict towards new mobile applications which had to pass through quite an intricate process before they get published for the public. But Google has shown ample leniency allowing amateurs to upload their created apps on the Play store as well. Yet Apple is also facing this rising Zombie Apps issue.

Google has finally taken a strong footing to deal seriously with the matter at hand. The company has started sending emails across the world to all the developers, warning them to immediately update Google User Data Policy or be ready to get evicted from the Play store. Many applications occupying the app store space do not have privacy policy mentioned on the app site or even if they do, they keep it hidden. Google’s move targets those poor-performing, unverified, amateur apps that exist without proper maintenance or proper expertise and contains no privacy policy.

This is a very important step taken up by Google who gives priority to user’s interest and security. The app users will have clear picture about the apps’ privacy policies, terms and conditions before they agree to share their privacy with the application. Also, the search result page will be rid of useless, irrelevant and, at times, harmful applications. Now your keyword searches will render more accurate results, thereby benefitting the authentic developers as well.


Google has just shown a way to deal with the rising issue of many zombie mobile applications and there is hope that Apple will follow soon. This is great news for consumers, developers and advertisers alike. So if you have such an inactive application lying in the store, then it is advisable to adopt the necessary action or your app will likely to get flushed out of the play stores.