Aquarius Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

The moon squares Jupiter all day today. Aquarius and Scorpio both being fixed in nature, meaning firm in standing, obstinate, and grounded while a square suggests friction, struggle, and adjustment. If it were the moon in Scorpio, it would behave another way entirely but with Aquarius being in the lunar position— feelings and emotions altogether could be put off, detached, or otherwise muted entirely.

This doesn't mean you're unfeeling. Feelings simply remain under the surface, protected. For now.

This detachment can distract your intentions or distract you from considering other's intentions or other's perspectives on matters at hand. This could be the struggle today— in understanding where exactly others are coming from or in another's confusion of where you're coming from. Be clear and be kind.

Scorpio needs to feel through experiences and Aquarius does not, but rather, needs to think through experiences. For those of you tending to listen to your emotions, allowing them to attach and control you— this may be a trying day. But where these two intertwine is through generosity. The giving of oneself to another in need of whatever is where both Scorpio and Aquarius shine.

Where Jupiter is involved an abundance follows, so do be mindful to guard yourself with a protective emotional boundary as others may not know how to approach an emotional confrontation. Again, where Jupiter is involved abundance results an emotional outburst may fuel itself rather effortlessly.

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