Gemini Waxing Gibbous Moon, Part 2

To quicken, by definition, is to become alive, and refers also to the restoration of life, revival, and to stir, to act, to come to— to wake up, essentially.

Something of a celestial spark is occurring.

Yesterday, and continuing into today, a quickening is occurring. A spark. And I'm not trying to be cliché, I know it's the end of the year and many of you treasure this time, to start fresh, to begin anew, to create new year resolutions... but know this, the cosmos is supporting you and your resolutions and all your beginnings— as it always does— it really is.

The Gemini moon will be high in the sky at the twenty-ninth degree as the clock strikes twelve on New Years Eve, big and bright and almost full, so so very close to full but not yet... this moon, still mutable in nature, is destined to invite insightful opportunities in regard to your newest plans for your future, if only a certain amount of sagacity is embraced and respected.

Mercury rules today's moon and the moon continued to oppose its rulership until 1:25pm PST* and thereby strengthening your attention to the discerning details supporting your new priorities, ideals, and brave new future. Tonight, as the clock strikes, Mercury will be at 18° Sagittarius, a degree that represents innocence, the kind of innocence that is begged of one accepting the boundarilessness of beginner's mind, a fresh start— and the fierce protection of it.

If only possibilities and opportunities are seen, the obstacles can be handled with confidence as they come along, come what may.

Like a quickening, new life simply trusts. And life emerges.

Mercury was at this degree last, in retrograde, on December 15th, and before that in direct motion on November 19th; reflect back to these times to appropriate where your thoughts were, and your ideals, and if these show up again as you venture into the new year ahead of you now. Ask yourself if these have changed or altered in any way, and if so, in what ways?

And of course, with every opportunity lies a limitation of some sort. A boundary. A set back. An obstacle to overcome. It's what strengthens us and motivates us to continue on.

But a very celestially convenient thing occurs, as always; later today the moon connects to Uranus, and later still, as the clock strikes, an opposition to Saturn.

Sarurn represents rules and boundaries and Uranus represents breaking through the self-imposed boundaries created for the backward purpose of self-limitation as a means of security. As a member of society one must abide by certain rules for the protection, safety, and well-being of all, and these are not the boundaries I'm encouraging anyone to break, but the self-imposed boundaries... the ridiculous, compulsive, self-ruining boundaries one puts on oneself, needlessly, dismissively, and ritualistically in the name of security and comfort and expectation— these need to be broken through.

And it will be hard. Even with the cosmos at your back, it'll be damn hard. Even with beginner's mind, it's safe to assume a very steep uphill venture that will never really be conquered.

But 'up' is the opportunity, isn't it...

Universal law dictates that there's always a way.

The spark of life occurs each and everyday, from nothing... from nothing, life springs forth. Life emerges. And as the clock strikes, wherever you may be, so too will you spring forth, with a quickening, to revive that spark that glows within... trust it.

*2:25pm MST; 3:25pm CST; 4:25pm EST

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