An Open Letter to John Hanke & Niantic
Yang Liu

Has in it come to anyone (besides me)that the tracking system was the cause of the trespassing issue and the people going to place they should not go. I never had the chance to use the tracking system since it was already down the moment it was released here, in Canada. But just imagining it is enough to understand how lacking that was. I’m not saying that using pokevision was right, but it was better to know that, I could go around private properties to get that pikachu, because I know were it is exactly. Without having to break any laws. The old way was just telling you if you are going in the right direction and that apparently took a while before 3 steps became 2 and more to get to 1 step and catching range, so obviously, I’ll go trough anything to get my pikachu candy and get me a Raichu.

For there to be a tracking system, Niantic has to properly map out all areas. I would do this by hiring players and have them report on there location, defining limits and boarders and where to put pokestop and gym’s, lord knows many place barely have any pokestop while others hit 15 pokestop in less than 5min. They could grey out place where there should not be pokemon’s at all. Like the middle of a river or down the subway tunnel. Some people probably think they have heights restriction but they don't, the guy on the 30th floor can also catch that Pidgey that just appeared in the building entrance. Define public vs private properties: let’s make it fair for everyone, this is supposed to be a mobile game after all. Pokemon should not appear on any private property, in fact they should make the game stop working if your in a private area.

Or: there already using google map, they could also use Google’s travel planner to take you to your pokemon, instead of markers to see if your getting closer or not. An arrow in front of your avatar is pointing the way and tell you to turn left on the next corner keep going straight and your Pokemon should be on your right.

Well the more I think about it, it dawns on me that this is just the beginning of the A.R world. Pretty soon a bunch more games and other things will populate this new parallel world. Some laws regarding this semi-virtual world will have to be created, otherwise Murphy will prove to us that his theory is always right.

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