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Now, here we are listing the top 5 PUB POINTS packages of the weeks based on pub.dev. Here is the following packages:

1. MercadoPago SDK module for Payments integration

Short Intro: Mercadopago SDK module for Payments integration for use in applications web, server, flutter. Read more and check out the installation and uses of this Flutter package here:


2. GetWidget

Short Intro: GetWidget is open source libraries that come with pre-build 1000+ UI components. It makes development faster & more enjoyable. You can customize the component as per your need.

Check out more details on Pub:

Check out…

The aim of the Flutter Favorite program is to identify packages and plugins that you should first consider when building your app. This is not a guarantee of quality or suitability to your particular situation — you should always perform your own evaluation of packages and plugins for your project.

You can see the complete list of Flutter Favorite packages on pub.dev.

Are you looking to start learning with Flutter with books then you can start with these Flutter books? These books suggested by Flutter official website flutter.dev. So can try this book.

List of Flutter books:

Flutter books
  1. Beginning App Development with Flutter written by Rap Payne.

Easy to understand the starter book. Currently the best-selling and highest-rated Flutter book on Amazon.

Short Description:

Create iOS and Android apps with Flutter using just one codebase. App development on multiple platforms has historically been difficult and complex. …

Since Flutter has grown rapidly day-by-day. Here it this month tops 5 Favorites Flutter package on pub.dev.

Flutter Favorites

1. sqflite:

Flutter plugin for SQLite, a self-contained, high-reliability, embedded, SQL database engine.


SQLite plugin for flutter. Supports iOS, Android, and macOS.

  • Support transactions and batches
  • Automatic version management during open
  • Helpers for insert/query/update/delete queries
  • DB operation executed in a background thread on iOS and Android

This plugin does not support the web. Check out more details below:

Package Details: https://flutterappworld.com/sqlite-plugin-for-flutter/

Pub: https://pub.dev/packages/sqflite

2. Connectivity:


Flutter plugin for discovering the state of the network (WiFi & mobile/cellular) connectivity on Android and iOS.



Hey everyone, Here we are listing the top 5 app categories on Flutter that have been most visited on our website Flutter App World. These top 5 categories picked as per our website Google Analytics and Google webmaster data. We did not take from other website data or analysis. These data are based on the last 60 days report.

Due to COVID-19, people start searching and looking for online business with their own mobile app and website, so that will help you understand which niche should you focused on.

  1. Food Ordering Apps:
Food ordering app. Image credit: www.ionicfirebaseapp.com

As per Google Webmaster and analytics the top…

Hey, Everyone here we are listing top 5 open-source project on flutter that has been visited by our users. This data is based on our Google search console. So check out these top 5 project that visited by our users.

1. Tik Tok App clone Using Flutter

This app is a clone of TikTok app. It is only UI and you can download source code from the GitHub and do the experiments with that source code. All the source code recognized by that developer. Check out the details below on below source.

TikTok app cloneUI: https://flutterappworld.com/tik-tok-app-clone-using-flutter/

2. A very sexy Flutter App UI template

This open-source has collection of UI template. You can choose their…


flutterappworld.com has a collection of Flutter app open-sources. You can find all the details along with the GitHub repository.

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