Childhood Cartoon Characters that helped shape who I am today.

A real connection.

Every Child has grown up with cartoons. For most cartoons were a way of escaping the real world and let imagination roam free but, in some cases I found that the characters I loved most did way more then just make me smile watching tv but they have really seemed to impact my personality.

Starting with Usagi Tsukino, or better known as “Sailor Moon” from the most loved shows of the 90s. Besides the fact that she loves food and Tuxedo Mask. What I loved about her the most and I related to is that when it came time for her to get serious and protect her sailor scout friends she was always there for them and would totally kick the mega verses ass when needed to. I’m the same way when it comes to my friends they all know ill always be there for them when they need me. I felt myself growing up with her because she went from being just a silly immature schoolgirl to a super badass superhero and then transforms into the mature moon princess she was always meant to be. She was the complete definition of girl power and I admire her lessons of friendship she taught me in all of her 200 episode span. Her theme song will forever be engraved in my head.

My next Character is Torhu Honda from one of my favorite shows “Fruits Basket.” Torhu Honda is by far one of the sweetest most loving people i’ve ever watched on tv. She’s been trough such tragedy with losing both her parents but, she somehow will always still be the smiling face I saw everyday. She came into the broken Somas family with light and wisdom putting her own pain aside to make others happy again. I see myself in her sooooo much more then any other character because I’m a total people pleaser. Im usually so happy sweet and bubbly like her and I hate to feel like a burden to anyone and no matter what i’ve been through I always remember the encouragement she gave me as a kid. Like she always says “Never give up.”

Now my last Character is Kagome from “Inuyasha” her personality was something that over time i’ve come to realize from watching her i’ve gained more of. She’s super confident, strong and fearless and she’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself as a kid I was the opposite of that and I found myself to be quite a push over. What she taught me is to just believe in myself and believe in the good of other people just like her relationship with the half demon “Inuyasha” even tho he’s a complete ass and has no regards to her feelings sometimes her gentle and kindness over time is what really soften him up and made him believe that being a human is not all that bad and you can feel emotions and be proud of who you are. She’s so funny and sassy and quite the badass herself with her sacred arrow slaying demons all the time in the futile era. I love how she’s not afraid to put Inuyasha in his place by saying “Sit boy.”

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