I’m a martial artist and a musician. Gankaku is my favorite kata, and piano and flute are my instruments of choice.

A humbling experience

A few weekends ago, I went to a national karate practice. There, I met some white belts (4th kyu and below) who diligently took notes after every practice. At one point, they showed me their notes and started asking me questions.

As a black belt who never ever took notes, but had thought of doing so several times, I was extremely humbled. I achieved…

On writing about my karate practice

I’m sitting here telling myself that I’m going to write a post about karate and being a musician like I did in the couple years before I was awarded my black belt. However, the feelings (and truth) described by this Tumblr post have been hindering me:

Quick, easy way to judge a flute player’s tone

Back in high school when I was auditioning for flute positions in statewide concert bands and orchestras, I was judged on a rubric for my tone along with other categories. Tones that were “round” and “characteristic of the instrument” were given higher scores. Tones that were less so had lower scores. As a flute student, I spent a lot of…

Simultaneously Playing Piano and Singing

One of my childhood dreams was to play piano and sing pop songs simultaneously. I didn’t need to sound fantastic, because I know that I’m not naturally a fantastic singer. All I wanted was to be able to time my voice with the piano and sing in tune with roughly the right dynamics. And, the vocal part can’t be embedded in the piano part — that would…