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Flux — Derivatives on Startups

Hello World 👋🌍

The day has come to publicly announce Flux to the world! Our team has been heads downs designing and developing the first peer-to-peer platform for derivatives on startup. Flux is new and sparkly but is brought to you by the same team which launched EveryDapp, a community-driven Dapp curation, and ranking platform. In addition, with the first Non-Fungible Token connected advertising space allowing anyone to purchase and own EveryDapp’s ad real estate permanently.

Introducing Flux 🚀

Flux provides a user-friendly way to trade derivatives based on startup milestones, funding, products, or even scandals. Our platform is built atop four open protocols. These protocols include Ethereum, Augur, 0x Protocol, and MakerDAO. Augur is utilized as a decentralized oracle service for market resolution. By using 0x Protocol we enable off-chain order books reducing gas costs and enabling scalability. By incorporating DAI (a collateralized stable coin) we take away volatility from our own holdings and in the future will be offering traders the ability to trade with a stable asset through the entire experience.

Why is Flux so Cool? 🤓

If you’ve ever read about, worked for, or even founded a startup, then you know that the majority of companies will never hit that unicorn status. Startups are exciting and volatile but there is no way to profit from a failing startup. At the moment, there is no way for the average person to speculate on the success of a startup without direct investment.

Flux enables the average person to trade and speculate on the startup ecosystem with a low barrier to entry.

What is an Example of a Market?❓

Our markets will be centered around products, milestones, fundraising rounds, or even scandals (cough, cough, Theranos).

Example: Will Uber begin marijuana delivery as a service by the end of 2019 in California?

When can I use Flux? ⏱

We are releasing our Alpha version of the platform in April to early bird users. To get exclusive early access visit Flux and we’ll send you some TestNet ETH to get you started with trading!

— Flux Team

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A development company building open-source tools on top of Flux Protocol.

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