Jetpack Compose migrating from dev05 to dev06

Citizen Warwick
2 min readMar 6, 2020


Just in the process of upgrading my apps from dev05 to dev06 and thought I would take the time to jot down some breaking changes as I fix them.

LayoutPadding changed from left/right to start/end

Simple fix, just change right or left to start and end respectively.

Alignment CentreRight and CentreLeft changed

Similar to LayoutPadding, Alignment has had its members changed from CenterLeft to CenterStart and CenterRight changed to CenterEnd

DrawShape no longer exists

You can use Box in its place…

Box(shape = RoundedCornerShape(45.dp), backgroundColor = Color.Black)

… but you would have to specify a LayoutSize modifier if you want it to have form (in my case DrawShape was in a container where I set LayoutSize).

Box(modifier = LayoutSize(width = 48.dp, height = 48.dp), 
shape = RoundedCornerShape(45.dp),
backgroundColor = Color.Black)

ambient function now completely removed

use YourAmbient.current now

LayoutGravity… left is start and right is end… you get the picture 😆

This lefty righty starty endy business is consistent and LayoutGravity did not get left out of the party. LayoutGravity.TopRight becomes LayoutGravity.TopEnd and you should expect this or its other members.

TopAppBar no more actionsData

TopAppBar has been slightly simplified, you just need to use actions now and actionData has been removed.

The above code in screenshot becomes

title = { Text("Card Designer") },
actions = {
vectorResourceId = R.drawable.ic_save_light,
onClick = onCardSaved


These are breaking changes I encountered when updating my compose projects, maybe they might help you! Did you find any other issues not covered here? Let me know!