Co-Founder of TechCrunch joins Fluz Fluz advisory board

We are excited to announce the newest member to our advisory board, technology entrepreneur and TechCrunch Co-Founder- Keith Teare.

Keith is a well known british Tech-entrepreneur currently residing in Silicon Valley with 20+ years of experience in the field.

He has been involved in numerous projects over the years and was a founder of quite few of them as well- TechCrunch, Easynet and Archimedes Labs just to name a couple.

Currently an Executive Chairman and Chair of the Investment Committee at Accelerated Digital Ventures.

Previously was founder and a partner at Archimedes Labs in Palo Alto, California. Served as chairman of the Board at Minds and Machines Inc (London AIM — MMX), an Advisory Board member at MedCo and also an Advisory Board member at Verisign.

In his bio Keith mentions:

“I love working with founders, teams, designers and engineers to create products, tell stories, and turn them into reality. Archimedes has over 20 companies that I mentor and guide.
I am proud of my work — successes and learning failures alike. I learned a great deal from each. I have had to deal with Investors, boards, partners, customers; advertisers and their agencies, bankers; Governments; Organizations and Institutions. I have served on many boards. I have managed small teams of 2 or 3 and larger teams of over 300.
Above all else, I have been privileged to work with great people whilst doing what I love — making change a positive experience.”
Keith Teare, Fluz Fluz Board Advisor

Welcome aboard, Keith! We are looking forward to the future cooperation and your knowledge addition to the project.

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