The Newest Utility!!!

Fluzzers! We have released our newest utility, and this is a big one, so hold onto your tokens if you want to make use of it!

Following the seating event and transactional launch, token holders will have the opportunity to enter a monthly seating raffle to obtain additional premier seats and boost their earnings. The cost of these raffled Premier Seats will still be 10K and 20K tokens respectively, yet all unsold seats will be blocked off and accrue cash back balance until they are sold. This balance will be awarded to the winners along with the seat!

We are going to slowly raffle all seats that are not claimed during the initial seating lotto to token holders. We will allow interested Fluzzers to enter into a raffle for a select few seats each month, and will fairly and randomly select the winners of the raffle that will be allowed the option to purchase one of the available seats. The only way to purchase the seats will be with tokens, at the ICO rate of 10K and 20K tokens.

Once Fluz Fluz is transactional, all unsold seats will start building a running balance of cash back earnings. These earnings will be left on the seat until a Fluzzer buys it, and the Fluzzer will get 100% of the cash back as well as the seat. This could potentially be 10’s of thousands of dollars for seats that have been sitting long enough!

Now how is that for utility community! We still have more utilities right around the corner as well, so stay tuned!