Fluz Fluz & The Blockchain

Dear Community,

The much anticipated release of how the blockchain will be implemented has finally arrived! The Fluz Fluz savings app has always maintained the goal of being heavily entwined with this new and exciting technology. In fact, it will be a key argument for why we are a better choice than other soon to be obsolete cash-back savings platforms. With this integration, we will have transparency, security, ease of use, and flexibility forming the base of the Fluz Fluz project, and all of these elements will combine to ensure that we will become a behemoth in the retail rewards space.

Depending on the progressing legal landscape and the increasingly strict compliance standards put forth by both government agencies and major private corporations, the following interoperability between Fluzcoin and Fluz Fluz might evolve…however, in the current iteration of the Fluz Fluz developmental roadmap, Fluzcoin will be an optional method for Fluzzers to receive their rewards in. For those that do decide they want to use Fluzcoin, it will act as the transactional backbone of the Fluz app. Not only will cash-back rewards be distributed and held by these users in Fluzcoin (allowing transparency and security for these users); but it will also unify the global commerce arena with a singular currency that can allow spending, transferring, and exchanging of monetary value without barriers and borders.

Why is Fluzcoin going to be “optional” for the users of Fluz Fluz you ask? Fluzcoin will not be the only choice for tracking the value of rewards in the Fluz Fluz app simply because there will be many not comfortable or technologically capable of utilizing it. The last thing we want is for the complicated nature of blockchain technology to slow regular user adoption; so in addition to Fluzcoin, We will also be using a modified / forked version of the Fluzcoin blockchain to ensure transparency in a “point” system within Fluz Fluz. This forked version will still record things on the blockchain, however its value will not change in relation to the dollar, and it will not need a specialized wallet. It will also not be user controlled, will be completely centralized, and will not be transferable or redeemable outside the app…but any movement of it will be purusable on a block explorer simply for transparency and for easy verification of any rewards sent and received within the closed Fluz ecosystem. These two mechanisms will work in conjunction with each other to make Fluz Fluz a truly unambiguous platform.

The specific blockchain that we will base both of these technologies on is called Quorum. It is an open source 3rd generation cryptocurrency allowing instant, free, and anonymous transactions; and has the sound fundamental structure of Ethereum, with various elements perfected by the blockchain specialists working at JP Morgan. Due to the industriousness of introducing this highly advanced technology within the Fluz app, for the first several months of the platforms full operational launch, we will exist in an “off-chain” environment similar to the Colombian model that has already been functioning for over a year. This will allow us the time to perfect the integration, while still permitting all of our Fluzzers to shop, save, and earn on the app without delay.

The Fluz Fluz team is confident that we have perfected the mix between “ease of use” to ensure mass adoption, and the incorporation of advanced technological features to allow those with experience in crypto to manage and maintain control over their own financial independence…and we can not wait until our vision is in full motion. Stand by, because we have many more important updates coming soon!

Until next time,

Team Fluz