Fluz Fluz Updates Galore

Hello Fluzzers!

What an action-packed and exuberant last couple of weeks we have had! Many new things have been revealed, and the pieces of the puzzle are really starting to fall into place, forming an outline that many of you can already tell will be a masterpiece. The announcement of Fluzcoin, some top-tier new merchants, video demonstration of the app development, and more! The wheels of the crypto industry are always turning, and we over at Fluz Fluz are no different, so let’s just jump right into it…

The Sister Project Complimenting The Fluz Fluz Cash Back Rewards Platform

The Fluz family has introduced “Fluzcoin,” an intelligent retail currency, solving the four main issues associated with cryptocurrencies: transaction speed, transaction cost, KYC compliance, and excess volatility. Fluzcoin thereby creates a true digital retail currency, ready for mass adoption. Along with the cash back & passive income app already in the works, Fluzcoin will help engender an entire retail-oriented ecosystem throughout the modern world.

This additional facet of the Fluz economy will really spur adoption of the Fluz brand and make us a trusted name among all your favorite merchants that much quicker. More information and the ability to sign up for the ICO whitelist can be found on the Fluzcoin website, and those wishing to ask any questions can do so on the official Fluzcoin Telegram.

Newest Fluz Partners

Merchants, Merchants, MERCHANTS!!! Excuse me for yelling, but these really are the kind of retailers worth getting excited about!

Freedom is realizing you have a choice.” 
― T.F. Hodge

So do you like Nike or Adidas? Do you want to buy them at Walmart, Amazon, or try your luck on eBay? Where are you going to walk when you get your new snazzy ‘kicks’…Applebee’s? Burger King? Maybe you are going to skip walking altogether, decide you will just take an Uber to the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” and go hang out at Disneyland all day (just don’t forget the motion sickness pills at CVS before hand, those rides are wild). After the newest round of spectacular retailers we have CONFIRMED partnerships locked down with (like a “Chinese finger trap” filled with peanuts stuck on two raccoons), you will be afforded all of these options and then some!

Yes, you did read that correctly…and no, you aren’t dreaming, so don’t be calling your brother/aunt/best friend to come and pinch you. Instead, you should call them to come sign up into your co-op when the Public BETA is released. That is definitely going to be a good idea; because with the above merchants, they are going to be using the app anyway…so it only makes sense that you influence them first! ;)

Consensus NYC 2018

Were you at the biggest cryptocurrency event ever to take place in history? Consensus sure was a huge hit, and Fluz Fluz was eager to get in on some of the action. We had members of the community over for an open meeting where they meticulously picked our brains, asked some hard and fast questions, and walked away feeling more confident in Fluz than ever! 
We love meeting with our Fluzzers, old and new. There really is nothing like a face-to-face to let everyone know we are LEGIT, we are PRESENT, and we are not afraid to put our names and REPUTATIONS behind the Fluz name. So please, at the next community meet and greet, take the time to come speak with us just like all of these wonderful people did…I promise we will blow your mind too!

Application Development Update

Scandiweb has been taking the bull by its horns, and the progress on the much-anticipated cash back & passive income app to rule them all is in full swing. We made a short clip of some live action demo runs from our last conference call with the world-renowned devs, and I think we can all agree: this thing is going to blow your socks off…and your neighbors socks off…and his neighbor’s slippers off (since that guy is weird and hasn’t put on socks since 1972). Check the video out for yourself, and since you are all so awesome, we will even include a bonus ‘still shot’ video as well!

One Of The Mammoths We Have All Been Waiting For

The private BETA of the app will be in our hands VERY soon, Fluzzers. If you would like to be one of the lucky 200 who will get an exclusive first look, then all you have to do is go over to our Fluz Fluz landing page and sign up with your email! Be quick though, because spots are filling up rapidly and this is a hot ticket opportunity that won’t last long. Kinda like those super rare passive income powerhouses we like to call “premier seats,” (just sayin’)…but hey, don’t take my word for it. Hop on over to our Fluz Fluz Global Telegram chat and find out for yourself why people are going crazy for these special spots in the cash back co-op, that will undoubtedly change your life, without changing what you do!

Well, that is it for now friends. However, we have many more updates to share with you over the coming weeks. So be sure to tune in, or you might just find yourself down and out!


Team Fluz