How to Grow Your Network for Beginners

Anyone can download and use the Fluz app to start earning money right away on their own purchases. Fluz made sure this action is as simple and straightforward as possible. The Fluz app is flexible and can cater to the portion of the population that wants to keep things light, while still providing them with a platform that can benefit them in their everyday lives by stretching their hard earned money.

For those that want to take their earnings to the next level, then Fluz recommends that you take the step to start growing your personal network within the app. Expanding your sphere of influence is by far the best way to supercharge your earnings into the stratosphere. Growing your network is not only easier than you imagine, but can provide years of “residual income” that can far exceed what you would make through your own personal purchasing endeavors.

Since this is potentially your first foray into directly growing your network, we are going to line up some of the best tips to get you out of the gate and onto the launch pad.

1. Practice with the people closest to your first:

Those you feel the most comfortable with should be your first prospects for a myriad of reasons.

You will feel less pressure with those you interact with frequently. Your friends won’t care if you stumble with your wording. They won’t care that you are wearing an ugly sweater. They won’t care even if you forgot to brush your tee…well, perhaps that is a bridge too far. However, the point remains that you can be more of yourself and focus on the things that matter without the fear of judgment.

Speaking of bridges, you will have one built with this group of people already. This existing trust and the respect they inherently have for you will translate into an easy conversion in many cases. This is called “social influence” and you can take advantage of the phenomenon to jumpstart your network growth with minimal effort.

2. Lock down your “message”:

Speak genuinely about what you find attractive in the Fluz platform. People can sense when you are being sincere and when you are forcing it. While the Fluz app has tons of benefits you can speak on, choose the 2 or 3 aspects that mean the most to you personally. Your potential invites will see your eyes light up, your smile beam, and they won’t be able to resist your unabashed excitement.

Once you have practiced on your friends and family you should have the basis for what will eventually be your go-to message. Fluz does not recommend a concrete “pitch” that is unwavering in its content. A better idea is to form a foundational message that can ebb and flow in a comfortable pattern. This flow will be dictated based on who you are talking to, the comments / concerns they are expressing, and the body language they are projecting.

3. Don’t be shy:

Even if you are a member of the Bates family, eventually your close circle of relatives and friends will run dry. This means you will need to start reaching out to people beyond your immediate sphere of influence. Fear not though, since you completed the first two steps in this guide, you are well prepared to tackle the situation head-on. Approaching complete strangers is an option, but a better choice at this point in time is tapping into your resource of acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone else you are casually familiar with.

These people are still excellent potentials, and are more forgiving than complete strangers. Plus it’s likely you have many more people that fit into this category than you might think. Everyone likes money, and introducing the Fluz app to these people might be the thing that turns them from acquaintance to friend.

4. Approach people when the time is right:

The current emotional state that a potential recruit is in will have an impact on their willingness to listen. Before approaching someone to sing the praises of the best app you have in your phone, take a minute to watch and listen. Test the waters by making a non-Fluz related comment or engaging in casual small talk, and gauge their mood. Are they joyful, alert, or calm? Then that should be taken as a green light to open the floodgates.

However, if they are moody, fatigued, stressed out, or sad…then even if you told them the secret to never losing a sock in the drier again they would likely not be interested. If at all possible, wait until they are in a more uplifted mood before you try and influence them.

5. Learn the typical concerns people will have when first introduced to the Fluz concept, and how to assuage those anxieties:

As you speak with more and more people, you will start to notice a pattern from the naysayers and negative nancies. Don’t be alarmed. In 1995 the popular opinion was that the Internet was nothing but a passing fad, and we all see how that one turned out. The point is, there are people who are resistant to everything no matter how good it is. Don’t be discouraged by those that feel differently than you, learn from them.

Write down all the contentions that you hear, and develop a sound response to the most common ones. The Fluz knowledge base is a great resource for some of the potential concerns that people will have. Once you have some intelligent dialog for how to reply to those that give some resistance, you will find that you can often swing them your way if you remain cordial, calm, and speak to the facts.

More on this topic soon, good luck!

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