How To Send Verification Transaction

For FIAT contributors that do not own ETH for gas, within 48 hours of this post you will see a small amount of funds that have been gifted to you by Fluz Fluz. These funds are needed so that you may complete the very important step of verifying your wallet address within the seating platform.

For those that are unfamiliar with how to send a transaction to verify ownership, please see the steps below.

1. Register for the seating platform, and select your preferred seats (see the following Medium article for full instructions on how to complete those steps).

2. Once you get to the third step on the seating platform, you will given a unique wallet address where you need to send the small fraction of a Fluz token to confirm ownership.

Note the blue highlight for the address you need to send the confirmation to, and the yellow highlight for the unique amount you need to send. Use the “copy” button highlighted in green so you don’t make any mistakes when sending.


3. Head over to your wallet and log in so you can transfer funds (I will use MyEtherWallet in this example, since it is the most common). If you don’t see a balance of FLUZ tokens, then click “Show All Tokens” on the bottom right, and go all the way down to “F” in the list, and then “Click to Load FLUZ.”

4. To send the required verification amount follow these 6 steps:

1. Paste the the address you get on the platform (highlighted in yellow from step 2) in the “To Address” field.
2. Paste the verification amount you need to send into the “Amount to Send” field.
3. Make sure you select FLUZ from the drop down menu.
4. Set the “Gas Limit” to 100000 (one hundred thousand).
5. Set the “Gas Price” to 10 Gwei.
6. Hit “Generate Transaction”

You will be asked to confirm the transaction, before you do please double check the address you are sending to as well as the amount.

There you go! Your wallet has now been verified!!!