Ideas contest, technical updates, video from the meetup and other news; Feb 21st 2018

Hello Fluzzers,

Another week has gone by and here are the updates:

Ideas contest

With ‘Now That’s A Bright Idea Giveaway Contest’ closing this week, the Fluz Fluz team has been eagerly surveying submissions and narrowing down finalists. This has been a very inspiring process to see the input we are getting from the community. Our team is currently picking the best ideas and will present them to find out the winners in a community voting next week!

Security update

On Monday we posted a caution notice regarding Personal Data & Online Financial Security Precautions. Please take few minutes and go through the post in case you haven’t done so yet.

Article can be found here

Stay safe!


Fluz token will be unlocked on February 28th and will be available for moving and trading. As much as we are happy for the token unlock, we would like to encourage you to be careful with trading and make sure you have enough FLUZ tokens to activate your Premier Seat (10 000 FLUZ for Tier 2 and 20 000 FLUZ for Tier 1)!

Technical updates

Comprehensive Style Guide including typography, logo, app icons, animated loaders, and UI elements stretching across all platforms and emails, has been created.

Our UX team has completed full competitive analysis for user journey design and development optimization. This will help us to understand most frequent touch-points for updating knowledge base to assist Fluzzers and development team.

Continued affiliate outreach, we have several partners in talks already. BUT before that, there is a more interesting announcement scheduled..

Technology Roadmap for IT development has been finalized. We have been in numerous meetings and discussions over the past few weeks with our technology partner/development team.

Since the roadmap is ready and team is preparing for development, we will be revealing the details on the partnership and the roadmap itself soon. The team will be able to share some more technical details and shed a light on the work we are and will be doing.

Stay tuned for further news!

Fluz Fluz on the web

One of our contributors and did a review on our project, describing the concept and how it will work. This might be beneficial to our newest community members to get them up to speed.

Watch Crypto Traders Fluz Fluz review here:

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Last week we mentioned a community meetup that took place in NY at the beginning of February. Here is a recording of the meetup in case you didn’t have a chance to attend or want to recall a particular part of the event:

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