Launching Of The “Influencers Toolkit”

Hey Fluzzers!

The team has been burning the midnight oil, and really putting our heads together to come up with utilities that will bring serious functionality to the platform. One of the newest token utilities we have crafted will allow you to claim double cash back! Yes, you heard that right, cash back X2. So if you are earning 5% on a $24.00 purchase, by “applying” a token to that purchase you will instantly bump your cash back all the way to 10%, ie going from $1.20 to $2.40. You will have the ability to pick any purchase you want, as well. So maybe you don’t want double cash back on your $5 Starbucks cafe latte, but that $1800 4k flatscreen from Best Buy is another story!

Sound good? Well as a cherry on top you can also apply the token to any previous purchases you have made in the last 15 days. So maybe you were planning on making a big purchase, but you needed the money for something else…no worries, just jump into your account dashboard and apply the token to any purchase made in the couple of weeks!

The cash back you earn from your own purchases is always just a small drop in the bucket compared to what you can earn from your network’s purchases….but what makes Fluz special is not the cash back you earn for your own purchases. It is the cash back you earn from the thousands in your network. That being said, the bigger application of the double cash back is supercharging your networks spending in a big way. This will be the ability to send tokens to the Fluzzers in your personal network. So any Fluz user can award their downline Fluzzers with tokens that they too can use to activate double cash back.

People love earning passive income, and earning twice as much is an allure that not many people can resist. Now users will have the option to send single people in their downline a token, or you can go big and award your entire network with the ability to double their rewards all at once with a single tap of a button. How is that for brownie points?! We fully expect this utility to increase the networks consumption anywhere from 50 to 100 percent…and when your Fluzzers spend more, you earn more!

These two utilities will combine to assert real tangible value to the token as part of the “influencers toolkit” we are releasing, and will subscribe substantial earning power to the platform. It will also empower our premier seat holders to be “benevolent” profit makers, and put extra dollars in the pockets of all the users who are keen enough to make use of them.

In order to facilitate these utilities in our application, we are going to need the tokens to stay in supply on the open market. We are going to allow you to move tokens and no longer require them to be locked to the seat. To obtain the Premier Seats, users will send us the tokens and we will return them so you can take advantage of these utilities as was outlined in the white paper. Furthermore, we will open up the token utilities to all users in our network, not just the seat holders, establishing a bigger demand and pool of users for the tokens. We have a new and improved plan for the seating event. This weekend we will release the full rules and preview of the seating event.

Thank you for your support Fluzzers, exciting times are right around the corner!

Team Fluz