Most Important Things To Remember When Claiming Your Premier Seats

Dear Community,

These are the most important things/dates collated in one place for the seating event:

  • Seat Activation URL:
  • For full instructions on how to claim your seats see this Medium Article.
  • You will need to use the same email in the registration platform, that you use when you sign up for your dashboard account for the Fluz network waiting list/public beta.
  • If you earned free FLUZ tokens from @fluzfluzairdropbot then use that same email you registered to the bot with to apply the free tokens to your account.
  • You can change the number/selection of seats you want at anytime before the snapshot on the 14th of August by visiting your unique seat activation URL in your email box.
  • You only need to send a small fraction of 1 Fluz token in order to validate ownership of a wallet, not your whole Fluz balance.
  • If you need help figuring out how to send you verification transaction see the following Medium article.
  • The platform will not recognize tokens held in an exchange account. They must be in your own ERC-20 wallet.
  • The platform is only able to scan 1 wallet.
  • If you are registering seats for family members you will need to use a separate wallet and email address.
  • Any tokens moved out of a wallet before the snapshot will not count.
  • Any tokens moved into a wallet after the snapshot will not count. No exceptions.
  • The snapshot will occur on the 14th of August @ 9PM EST Sharp. This is the only metric we will use to issue seats.
  • The seat distribution day will happen on the 16th of August at 5PM EST and will be livestreamed for transparency (with all personal data anonymized).
  • The lotto program used will be the randomizing function already existing within Microsoft Excel.
  • The Colombian and 10% early bird bonuses will be for those users that verify their wallets before the 27th of July.