New Merchants, Road Map Updates, And A Deep Dive Into Influence.

Hey Fluzzers!

Hope you all had a good week. We certainly have here at Fluz Fluz headquarters USA! Things are really kicking into high gear with the progress of the app. We are very excited to say that the private beta is only a couple of days from getting into the hands of all the people who applied to gain access. This will be a crucial milestone for all of us, and the input we glean from your observant eyes will be integral to the success of the app when we go live. Enough talk of the future though, let’s talk for now about the past…like the new merchants we have, the updates to the roadmap, and just what exactly it means to have “influence” within the world of Fluz Fluz!

D o you like to travel? Well, grab your suitcase and your towel, because we have you covered. In fact, you don’t even need a suitcase or a towel; really all you need is your Fluz Fluz app and you will be right as rain! With Target, Sunglass Hut, and LL Bean, you can get all the right gear for your trip…and with,, and Southwest, you can go anywhere you want to go and have a nice place to kick back and relax to boot. The best part is you will save money while doing it! Don’t like to travel and consider yourself as more of a homebody? No worries! When others book trips through the Fluz Fluz app, guess what? You win too with all the sweet cash back you will get a portion of.

The roadmap has had an overhaul over the last week as well. We have had some changes on a few dates, and if you didn’t catch all the news on that front, I highly suggest you give the medium article detailing it a read. To summarize, we are very excited to bring you all the very best app, combining tons of the best features from our competitors, and rolling it into a package ready for mass adoption. The seating platform is opening in roughly 2 weeks or so, and those that lock in their tokens during the month of June will see huge rewards for your early commitment…including a 10% bonus Fluzcoin airdrop from all the FLUZ tokens you turn in!

Lastly, we are going to leave you with a few words from the head chef of US operations himself. Maurice is always in the kitchen coming up with ways to spice up the app, and in the video above, he talks about an integral recipe that will make Fluz Fluz the HOTTEST sauce of them all…Influence! Lend him your ear and pay attention, because the best way to get your co-ops bursting at the seams is by talking to those that you know and letting them in on the secret to saving and earning.

Until next time,

Team Fluz