Personal Data & Online Financial Security Precautions

Dear Community,

It has come to our attention recently that an advanced group of Telegram fraudsters was able to manipulate the security protocol of the social media platform most commonly associated with crypto users.

The scammers were able to duplicate the “unique” user ID of an admin belonging to the Community Fluz channel, as well as the easily duplicatable username and picture of the admin.

Due to the complexity of the attempted fraud it is our duty to warn the community, and issue a few ‘best practice’ security measures while online.

The attempts to separate you from your sensitive personal data and/or your hard earned funds are growing more and more refined every day. With that in mind, Fluz would like to take the time to state our official recommendations for making sure we remain a vigilant and well informed community.

1: Be wary of private messages on telegram, reddit, or any other social media service; especially if the “admin” is asking for any type of funds, or is giving offers of tokens/coins.

2: We live in an age where almost everything digital can be spoofed, altered, replicated or hacked.

These are some of the problems blockchain technology is solving, and why distributed ledgers are taking over in so many industries. However, in the meantime while some legacy systems still exist, it is important to keep in mind that even “official” looking Telegram, email, and Reddit accounts, or basically any other source of digital communication COULD potentially be faked. The only thing we know that is safe at this moment is the “Admin” badge at the top right next to the name of admins WHILE in our official community Telegram channel only.

Keep a watchful eye for anything out of the ordinary such as different speech patterns, slight misspellings in the usernames, aggressiveness, or any other strange behavior.

3: Fluz Fluz staff does not have any tokens to sell, gift, airdrop or distribute.

We would never approach you with any offers to do any of the above things, nor would we ever request any type of money from you, digital or physical.

Beyond the standard of not clicking unknown links or ads, downloading unverified software/programs, and visiting dangerous websites; the admins at Fluz Fluz highly recommend hardware wallets as the safest possible way to store any digital currencies.

Also remember that..


Even if an admin is asking for it. Password and private key should be used only by you to access your wallet.

Please be careful out there community. As our ability to grow wealth increases, so will the determination of those who wish to unjustly take it from us.

If you have any information on any situations similar to those above, please contact our team: