Updates on token distribution, Technical news and team expansion- Fluz Fluz weekly newsletter


We have finished all calculations and will be starting token distribution in the upcoming hours. While the distribution is in progress, it won’t be possible to edit the submitted information. Any changes will not be permitted in order not to compromise the smart contract or the distribution process itself.

There were approx. 70 FIAT contributors who did not provide their Token contribution addresses, so their funds will be sent to a Vault administered by the team and will be distributed as soon as their token address is provided.


Since initially it was planned to close the token sale on 22nd of February, we are about a month ahead of schedule. While it gives the team additional time for extra planning and project kick-off, all talks with exchanges were focused on the end of February. We do not want to interfere with the timetables of our current and future partners, therefore, while the Fluz Fluz team is finalizing work on the first exchanges, token will be locked for transfers until 28th of February.

Stay tuned for more news!

Technical updates

As mentioned earlier, Colombian app will serve as a base for the USA and global application. We have a long list of features which are the backbone of the app and will definitely be kept, however there are features which are not used as intended by our team, will have issues with scaling to global levels or modules that need to be reworked to improve performance of the overall app.

Here is a peek of our whiteboard, with the functionality mapped:

Mapping in progress..
Full version of the map

Company formation

For the last week, our team was finalising paperwork to establish a legal entity in the United States as a fully liable employer and tax payer. As of January 30, 2018 Fluz Fluz LLC is an established US company.

Also, we are currently running interviews with potential employee candidates. These are few selected candidates that we have contacted privately, however a recruiting campaign will start shortly and everyone with the needed knowledge, experience or dedication will be able to apply.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us: ico@fluzfluz.com

Join our Telegram group if you have any other questions or if you are interested in updates from our community and team here: Fluz Fluz Telegram