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Fluz App
Jul 13 · 3 min read

Anyone that understands the Fluz model knows, the network is our single most defining feature. The ability to earn from your connections firmly divides us from all the other cash back platforms, and helps us stand within our own league of potential income that other apps could only dream of.

However, for the network to take off as robustly as we all want, the app needs to offer something right off the bat that will catch the attention of new members succinctly. Many apps have a bonus or referral reward for their new members and those inviting them. Most are just a flat reward, like $5 for you and your friend. The Fluz Team is always trying to burn our own path though, and we knew early on that a cookie-cutter referral reward system was not the best we could do. So, when a member of the community came to us with his suggestion, we knew we had a true winner.

Introducing “Vouchers” & The Function They Serve

Vouchers provide the means to earn significantly amplified cash back rates (between 20–35%) when shopping with specific retailers. The exact rates will depend on the merchant, and we plan to use in the food category for places like Dominoes, Chipotle, Panera Bread, and several unreleased merchants as well (cough Starbucks cough).

This rate of cash back is unmatched by any other app currently available.

Existing members can obtain these vouchers by successfully inviting someone new that goes on to make at least a single purchase, which awards 1 voucher to the inviter. New members can earn vouchers by accepting someones else’s invite, which will award a whopping 3 vouchers.

Members will also be able to purchase the vouchers by sending the Fluz team a certain number of tokens (to be determined). This will be the first token utility that is actually impacted by real app usage.

The number of vouchers a member has will be displayed within the app, and a member will be able to choose when to activate them for the additional cash back.

Since the Fluz company is funding the additional cash back, there is a limit to how much extra cash back a member can earn with the vouchers. To prevent abuse, the system will only allow people to spend $15 total for any 1 purchase made with a voucher.

This system will incentivize existing members to send invites, and it will incentivize new members to join through an invite link, but is important even beyond that. The number of vouchers given to new members is substantial because it pushes them to use the app to shop at least 3 times, which should be sufficient to enact a permanent change in their shopping behavior, meaning they will start using the app in their everyday life.

Fluz App

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Fluz App

Fluz, the payment app that keeps giving back. Earn money while you use Fluz to pay, and keep earning whenever your friends do.

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