Announcement: Fluzcoin partners with Quoine

We are excited to announce that Fluzcoin has formed a partnership with leading fintech company Quoine. Fluzcoin is now listed on the Qryptos ICO Mission control platform and you can use it to participate in the pre-sale. After the ICO is completed, Fluzcoin will be listed on the Qryptos Exchange platform.

About Quoine

Best known for their high performance exchange platforms:

Quoinex - one of the largest crypto-fiat exchanges in the world with over USD 12B annual transactions
Qryptos - a crypto only exchange, a self-serving platform for all token issuers to list and trade their tokens

It is a leading fintech company that provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology.

About the partnership

After introducing our project, Quoine team immediately saw the potential benefits of Fluzcoin:

“Fluzcoin is really solving two problems: one is kicking out some of the transactional costs of traditional retail that the financial intermediaries like VISA, Mastercard are currently taking. They are even taking it a step further, by moving the ecosystem on to permission blockchain they are dealing with the issue of gas fees and taking out the costs of doing multiple high-frequency transactions that you would have in a retail environment. That’s really amazing!”
- Seth Melamed, Head of Operations at Quoine

While Fluzcoin saw the partnership as an opportunity to further acquaint the general public with our project:

“We are right now starting to initiate a staged ICO on Qryptos platform in order to lead, educate participants on our concept while taking great pride in being transparent.”
-Stefan Krautwald, Commercial Director at Fluzcoin

Fluzcoin on Qryptos

Visit our profile on Qryptos platform and find out more about our project and the team behind it.

Once the ICO is completed, Fluzcoin will be listed on Qryptos, one of the most secure and popular trading platforms in the world.

Note: Fluzcoin pre-sale on Qryptos platform will be open from June 21, 2018 till July 13, 2018

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