Answering community questions

Fluzcoin helps newcomers get more familiar with its mechanics by answering the most frequent questions in the Fluzcoin telegram discussion group.

How does the Fluzcoin Algorithm work to keep the price stable?

The steering mechanisms of the Fluzcoin’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, EUNOMIA, work to dramatically lower the volatility of Fluzcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. As demand grows the supply is expanded. Some of the supply is immediately sold on the open market to mitigate upward price spikes, and the rest is handed over to the holders of Fluzcoin. In times of reduced demand, the steering mechanism will automatically enter into open market operations, purchasing coins at a specific price point and below, thus stabilizing the price against sharp downward drops.

What are the benefits from Fluzcoin for FLUZ token holders?

Fluz token holders are eligible to participate in the Fluzcoin Airdrop campaign and receive free tokens. Check the details of the campaign for more information.

What are the differences between FluzFluz and Fluzcoin and are they competitors?

They are NOT competitors but rather catalyze one another. Both entities function completely differently. FluzFluz is a platform designed to help you save money and generate passive income while Fluzcoin is designed to be a retail cryptocurrency that solves the problems of speed, cost, compliance and excess volatility in payment process.

How will Fluzcoin help FluzFluz?

While they are both separate initiatives with very different short term goals, the long term play has been and will continue to be the construction of a singular Fluz ecosystem with one goal in mind: Mass Adoption. Cross-promotion will also be a primary goal for Fluzcoin and will help on-board many new users into the FluzFluz cashback co-op.

I signed up for the whitelist but it shows that I have already signed up?

It means that you have already passed the KYC. We are now improving the KYC process to ensure this message does not show up anymore. Please, send us an email to and we will ensure your application is fine.

As the demand increases how will the coins be released on the market?

Depending on the crypto-economic volatility. Fluzcoins will be released either as proof of stake to coin holders and/or as a part of the open market.

How is the percentage amount of proof of stake determined?

The amount of proof of stake will correlate with the growth of the market cap, which will correlate with adoption of the currency. The proof of stake are also distributed by taking various risk factors into account to prevent people from crashing the currency by pursuing proof of stake capture strategy.

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