BREAKING NEWS: Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet is LIVE!

We are excited to introduce FREE and INSTANT transactions on Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet available for everyone starting from today!

The purpose of the Fluzcoin Quorum testnet is to demonstrate working blockchain protocol for FREE and INSTANT transactions, as fast as your VISA and MASTERCARD transactions in the grocery store.

Check out 5 minutes video demo to learn more

- Stable range of TPS between 2,000 to 5,000 
- Stress tested with 12 nodes located worldwide
- FREE and INSTANT transactions available for everyone

Don't wait and try it out yourself!

Immediately get 1000 test Fluzcoin to send it to your friends INSTANTLY and absolutely for FREE.

Wallet [testnet]:
Explorer [testnet]:


  • Currently presented solution is a testnet presenting the “Hello World” for our protocol, not final Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol.
  • Presented testnet demonstrates network experience rather than the final user experience of Fluzcoin wallet. Final setup will include Fluzcoin Mobile App with QR code generation for payments, browser extensions for desktop experience and many more.
  • Further wallet developments will use the same functions but in more convenient set up e.g. you do not need to paste your private key anywhere once Fluzcoin Mobile App is developed.
  • Important features of the Fluzcoin wallet such as KYC and limited transaction data disclosure in the permission-based blockchain are not developed yet. The current testnet is developed for demonstration purposes only.

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