Fluzcoin Anti-Scam guide

Both in our Telegram Discussion Group and privately we have been getting reports that there are scammers pretending to be members of our team and are offering a chance to contribute. Here are some points to keep in mind if you are contacted by someone supposedly from our team:

Fluzcoin admins will never message you first

Assume that everyone who contacts you privately before you have reached out is a potential scammer. Ignore and report them.

Fluzcoin official admins: @BALANCED_Arbitrator , @FLUZcoin, @StefanFluz

Check if the website and email addresses are real

Fluzcoin.io is the official website of the project. Trust the information that is displayed there. Here are the only email addresses Fluzcoin team uses to communicate:

  • info@fluzcoin.io
  • stefan.krautwald@fluzcoin.io
  • ico@fluzcoin.io
  • payment@fluzcoin.io

Note: email addresses can be faked, so if the message seems suspicious, reach out to the team via the official channels

Beware of fake social media channels

These are the official channels for Fluzcoin: