Fluzcoin Quorum testnet FAQ

We have received a dozen questions about Fluzcoin Quorum testnet and will answer to the most popular ones in the FAQ below.

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Wallet [testnet]: https://wallet.fluzcoin.io
Explorer [testnet]: https://explorer.fluzcoin.io

Watch video demo and learn more about Fluzcoin Quorum testnet here.


1. This is a desktop environment. What about Mobile App? Will it be as simple as wallet.fluzcoin.io or more functionality will be available?

Testnet Wallet and Explorer is presented to showcase Fluzcoin network experience rather than user experience of the final product. Testnet wallet was developed to be neither comfortable nor easy for the user, but just to experience first free and instant transactions on Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain. It is a “Hello World” for Fluzcoin blockchain. The presented solution follows the user interface of MyEtherWallet for demonstration purpose.

Further wallet developments will use the same functions but in more convenient set up e.g. you do not need to paste your private key anywhere once Fluzcoin Mobile App is developed.

2. Why I can't access my Fluzcoin wallet with a password only on desktop?

Browser extension (as e.g. Google Chrome extension like MetaMask) will be developed on a later stage supporting easier and more secure desktop experience.

Introduction of Fluzcoin Mobile App will eliminate a need to paste your private key anywhere.

3. Why QR code generation is not presented and how it will be used in the future?

Current testnet demonstrates only the functionality of sending the Fluzcoin for free and instantly within Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol. QR code generation is required to support payments in-store and online, which will be introduced in the final product and not available within currently presented testnet.

4. Why block explorer show the balance of each wallet and full transaction data? Doesn't it contradict with private policy supported by Fluzcoin?

Final Fluzcoin Quorum protocol won’t disclose private data of any transaction — block explorer features will be limited. Currently presented demo have full functionality available to demonstrate the proof of working product and such transparency will be limited to testnet only.

5. What about the KYC component? Testnet presents the velocity and the cost-free transactions, but it does not include the KYC process to make it usable at retail.

KYC process was eliminated in favor of fully functioning demo within the testnet. KYC process and all planned Fluzcoin Wallet functionality to make it acceptable at retail will be included in the final product and were eliminated from testnet by purpose not to block people from testing.

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