Get to know Fluzcoin Technical Advisors

They are our technical reliance and help, highly skilled professionals with related background, coming from different parts of the world. Meet our 4 Technical Advisors!

Raghavendra Srinivasan

Raghavendra is a software engineer and AI expert at Youtube (Google) in California. Currently working in the Viewer data team at Youtube where he is responsible to produce and maintain large datasets that help provide insights that can drive business decisions at Youtube.

He holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering with focus on Robotics and Autonomous Systems at University of Austin, Texas and has been a member of MIT Humans and Automation Labs.

EUNOMIA — Fluzcoin´s artifical intelligence is being developed under the highest developing standards world wide.

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Florian Burkart

Florian is an active trader with decades-long experience, starting at Deutsche Bank for interest rate / USD swaps trading as well as Tibra options and high-frequency futures trading.

For many years and through own algorithm development he has been a successful trader in own positions a Founder and Managing Director of Xanadu Trading focused on the market making of EMini Index options on CME mainly and has been cryptocurrency early adopter.

He holds a Master Degree of Business Administration & Economics from WHU — Otto Beisheim School of Management.

Fluzcoin should be able to balance of undesired trading activity from its robust reaction mechanism.

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Ruchika Kumar

Ruchika is the CEO of Sku IQ, San Francisco based company focused
on Omni-channel SaaS, enabling SMB retailers to offer frictionless,
multi-channel experiences by integrating POS and eCommerce
in real time.
Ruchika has ample experience in raising standards for consumer
experiences globally. She has been Director of Merchant Strategy
and Paypal Commerce Growth from 2016 to 2018. Prior to that she
worked as Growth Manager for Consumer Brands at Accenture and
has proven experience crafting and executing growth strategies,
expanding the brand, digital footprint and sales both locally and
internationally, and building and managing operations and product

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Mario Cohen

Mario has more than 2 decades of experience in the European and Latin Telco world with responsibilities ranging from direct sales, outsourced sales, channel recruitment and business planning as well as go-to-market strategies.

His areas of experience are: Payment Integrations, Mobile Telecom, business software, communications and clean technology.

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