How to earn 10% extra on your crowdsale investment

Fluzcoin community is growing by the minute and we are very grateful for all the support and positivity. Since many of the community members are spreading the word about our project, we have designed a referral program to reward their efforts.

To make life easier, here is a guide on how to join the referral campaign and EARN 10% on every contribution your referral makes + GIVE 5% bonus to your friends.

Note: You will be able to contribute in the following weeks, so make sure you and your referrals have already passed the necessary KYC.

First things first, you need to get whitelisted crowdsale is limited to whitelisted members only.

Whitelist registration guide

To get whitelisted you need to:

1. Go to Fluzcoin website and register with your email address

2. Verify your email. Follow the instructions in the invitation to pass KYC sent to the email address you registered with

3. Accept Terms and Conditions

4. Fill in the details in the simple form to pass KYC

How to earn referral bonus

After receiving confirmation of a successful registration, you will be provided your very own unique referral code and link.

Where to see the referral link and the code:
In the email you receive after registering for whitelist

In the KYC success page

To earn rewards simply share your referral code or link with your friends and receive a 10% BONUS of your referrals contributions.

Hint: Sharing your link on forums, telegram groups or social media could increase your coverage

Note: If any registrations are self-referrals, or you or your referrals will not have passed KYC, you will not be considered eligible to receive bonus tokens

How your friends can earn a bonus

To give your friends a reward simply share your referral code or link with them and after completing the payment they will receive a 5% BONUS for using your referral code.

How will tokens be distributed

Bonus tokens will be distributed to the wallet address used while completing the payment.

Note: If you don’t contribute yourself but your referrals do, you will be contacted via the email used while registering to provide your wallet address.


We hope every question is answered in this guide, but if we missed anything, just message us in our Telegram Discussion Group.

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