Introducing the Fluzcoin Blockchain explorer

Previously, we announced the release of the Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet and detailed how to complete transactions with the Fluzcoin wallet. Now, let’s look at how to verify your transactions within the Fluzcoin Blockchain explorer.

Built using the platform, Fluzcoin blockchain explorer is free and accessible to everyone. Click the following link to access the explorer:

Transaction Database

Similar to other Block explorers like Etherscan, Fluzcoin’s version tracks every block and transaction on it’s blockchain and displays it in an easy to use platform:

You can search using a transaction hash, block number or wallet address

Note: This is just the first release, the final version will look different

Transaction Details

Once finding the transaction you are interested in, you can click on it’s link and confirm details like how many coins were sent, sender/receiving address, block number and more:

Privacy Concerns

As mentioned previously, this is just the first version of Fluzcoin’s blockchain explorer and while on the testnet the transaction data is fully transparent , the final version will have a limited disclosure. We believe personal data like how much funds are in your wallet or what products are you purchasing is a valuable asset and something we all consider private in our everyday lives.

Interested in the Fluzcoin Quorum blockchain protocol testnet?

To try it for free CLICK HERE.

Have more questions about the Fluzcoin blockchain explorer?

Ask them directly to the team in our Telegram Discussion Group

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